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Like dancing, yoga can be a great way to work up a sweat with your partner.

Classes range from Ananda yoga — a calm style that focuses on controlled breathing, slow movements, and body alignment — to the physically demanding and strength-building Ashtanga and Bikram yoga styles.

Or, if salmon isn’t your thing, try grilling a smaller fish, such as cod. While you could stay inside watching “Dirty Dancing,” why not try some dancing of your own?

Activities range from delicious organic meals to couple's massages and saunas.Many retreats also offer day trips for hiking, mountain biking, or other nature inspired sightseeing.The ingredients in dark chocolate, according to the Cleveland Clinic, can also help improve your blood pressure.So have a small amount of dark chocolate, and remember, a “small amount” is not a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.First-timers and advanced climbers alike can take classes or just go for it on any type of terrain.

Spotting your partner as they scale a wall is a great way to gain their trust and burn calories at the same time.To make sure you keep your relationships physically and emotionally healthy, learn how to openly talk to your partner about sex and get tips on keeping them satisfied.Deciding where to go on a first date in London is tricky.In fact, rock climbing gyms have sprung up across the country.They're safe, fun, and accommodate all skill levels.There are many preconceptions about yoga that simply aren't true.