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Please do your own safety assessment before giving these to a child. John Lewis Baby Doll Pushchair: £10, John Lewis If your little one loves dolls, you’ll need a dolls’ buggy, though most two-year-olds we’ve met also enjoyed pushing around an empty buggy, or using it to collect leaves and other treasure as you walk through the park.As with real buggies though, you can pay anything between a few pounds and a few hundred pounds, and as with real buggies, the child doesn’t seem to care.It has everything a child could possibly need to make you a special meal – biscuit, broccoli and egg casserole anyone?

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The aim is to get children used to the balance needed for cycling before they get a pedal bike.

It’s unisex – hooray – robust and like Wiggo, super cool. Tomy Foam Cone Factory Activity Toy: £19.99, Argos Leave this suckered to the side of your bath and you’ll find it impossible not to make yourself an ice cream made of bubbles - it’s almost worthy of being on a best presents for grown-ups round up.

Buy now Verdict They call them the Terrible Twos (just wait until they’re a threenager) but in terms of buying gifts, this is a hugely gratifying age.

Everything is exciting and kids have no concept of cost, so one of the smaller presents will excite them as much as something that costs ten times more.

There's no reason 16th birthday wishes should be as hard to figure out as your typical teenager.

Teens have a difficult enough time trying to feel good about themselves, so why make things harder for them (or yourself) with a lackluster birthday wish?

Essentially,you need to find 16th birthday messages with just enough inspiration, humor and understanding to make the birthday girl or boy feel important (not patronized).

With the awesome birthday messages here, you'll know exactly what to write in a birthday card, e Card or text for your 16-year-old teen. For girls, in some cultures, it means celebrating what’s called a “sweet sixteen,” a 16th birthday party in their honor.

For boys, there’s nothing (just the joy of getting one year closer to the 20s).

Whether or not the idea of a sweet sixteen enters the equation, it's not really all that relevant.

Such a simple concept and yet such a great toy – kids can play with the wooden cars as well as the garage itself, while the adults around them feel good about the learning opportunity it gives in terms of colours and numbers. Smyths Lots to Cuddle Babies Twins: £19.99, Smyths If we treated our babies the way little ones treat their dollies, doll social services would be called instantly.