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Eye contact and a smile are powerful flirting tools that capture a man’s initial attention.A quick glance, a soft smile and a slow look away lets a man know you're interested.

Whether you’re constantly telling her she's beautiful, or blowing up her phone all hours of the day by telling her you're great, none of it is gaining her attention. If you're the type who believes in playing "hard to get," and you ignore her all day, she won't be interested, either. She spends her days and nights just like you: working, thinking, planning and building. And never be afraid to be the first to say hello and ask how her day is going.

So men, consider this: Throwing yourself at her isn’t going to score you any points. There’s way more to her than what you’re attracted to on the surface, so make a valiant effort to uncover it.

I believe that most men truly are looking for a genuine relationship with the right woman, and while some men’s main interest is scoring sexually, the majority of men basically respect and value women.

Sexually compatibility is important, but that's just one component to making his attraction list and maintaining his interest.

But if you're concerned with those possibilities, you'll never be happy with yourself. Never be the man who devalues a woman with your words.

And clearly, you won't have the mental capacity to make her happy, either. It’s ugly, and quite honestly, it should have no place in your relationship. Hold the door for her, pull her seat out at dinner, hold her hand and kiss her gracefully.

If you are upbeat and engaging, a man can have fun with you.

If you're authentic, he's more apt to relax show you his true self, which makes him want to spend more time with you.

Learn the attitudes and behavior that will attract (and KEEP) a man's sincere interest in Nancy Nichols's Dating and Relationship Trilogy.

I'm sure this sounds all too familiar to most women. Take an interest in every aspect of her day-to-day. When you do something for her, do it out of the kindness of your heart.

A woman who is authentic is in her best self, and You're busy, successful and self-reliant.