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I Have successfully intergrated the two systems, joomla and osdate. If you are still interested, I can supply you the system as a whole.

@Wisdom Is Misery: I’m thinking there is no reason to date a man over the age of 25 longer than 12 months if you want a ring from him. @Wisdom Is Misery: If you’re still “seeing where things go” on the 13th month. You’re wasting your time Plenty of men took exception with these statements but I already knew that was going to happen, since men don’t like timelines when it comes to relationships because men don’t like being held accountable.

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One thing I have noticed about the joomla forum (here comes a big can of worms) all the commercial postings this is an open source forum and so is joomla and osdate.

People make money with the open source projects they donate to it. I don't have anything against commercial software I use it on one of my sites just not on open source forums and sites.

Ladies, if a man is dating you for 12 months and he does not know what he wants from you (assuming you know what you want from him), another 12 – 36 months will not help. No matter how good he is on paper, because if he is the man you need, he will come after you; otherwise, he is a good man but he is a good man that is wrong for you.

I’m going to be honest with the ladies – fellas forgive me – the average man knows where he wants a relationship to go in 48 hours (or less).

What surprised me was the number of women that took exception. I’m not sure why people were shocked and appalled I suggested you shouldn’t waste time in pointless relationships after the age of 25 when the US Census Bureau states the average US man will marry by age 28; and woman by 27.

I’m sure the majority of whom were with men longer than 12 months with no sense of commitment and will be with said man in their ambiguously defined “relationship” for the foreseeable future with no sense of commitment. By 25, you should know the type of woman/man you do not want to date.You may need more time to determine the type of woman/man you want to be with but if you can’t figure out the type of people you do not want to be with you are behind the learning curve.You need to enroll in before all your friends graduate and you’re still trying to figure out freshmen level dating.CVE IDs CVEnew Twitter Feed Other Updates & Feeds Request a CVE ID Contact a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) Contact Primary CNA (MITRE) – CVE Request web form Reservation Guidelines CVE LIST (all existing CVE Entries) Downloads Search CVE List Search Tips View Entire CVE List (html) Reference Key/Maps NVD Advanced CVE Search CVE Entry Scoring Calculator CVE Numbering Authorities Participating CNAs Documentation for CNAs Requesting CVE IDs from CNAs Become a CNA This reference map lists the various references for XF and provides the associated CVE entries or candidates.It uses data from CVE version 20061101 and candidates that were active as of 2017-11-09.Men play dumber than we are for the sake of avoiding accountability but when a man walks up to you he already has an idea of what he wants from you.