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You’re still taking the long way round.” “If taking the long way round means I don’t go flying off a cliff, I’m perfectly fine with that. You poke and poke and poke until I do what you want? It wasn’t two hands holding each other; it was one hand, perfectly molded to fit. Very faintly I could hear Joe making smooching noises behind me and I resolved to sew his mouth shut.

“Didn’t really have anything in mind,” I said, “Whatever she wants to talk about, I guess.’ “Suit yourself. ” Again, I know it sounds like she might have been buttering me up, but I promise you, it was completely genuine. It was as if there were tiny magnets in our hands, holding them together. “Don’t be.” My heart was thumping and I knew I was turning red.

I was tuned out for most of the announcements until they suddenly announced, “…and finally, auditions for the school play, by William Shakespeare will be held next Friday after school in the auditorium. As in, there’s stuff in that play, not exactly overt, that most high schools would run and hide from. And I’ve always enjoyed doing theater stuff so it might be worth a look. Not necessarily flirting with her but just being there to talk to her, to make her feel good about herself. Eventually she’ll realize that all Craig can do is tell her how beautiful and interesting she is. His father did home-improvements for a living so he had grown up around power tools and construction equipment. The sight of power drills, saws, hammers, and all manner of other construction devices was impressive, but didn’t exactly get my heart racing.

It wasn’t enough to make me fully relax but I could feel the stress leaving my body. If you’re able to tell her something about her that even she didn’t realize then you’re going to be A-Number One.” I chewed my bacon and didn’t say anything. And then, because apparently karma hates me, Alan and Amanda came bouncing into the room, both in unsettlingly high spirits. Ten minutes later, it was déjà vu time as we piled into the car and I started backing down the driveway. As I passed by, I slowed down and rolled down my window. Amanda, on the other hand, just nodded and stared at her. Several passing students jumped and looked at me in shock. But right now, Craig’s turning on the charm so he’s the good guy to her right now. So did Kayla and she lowered her head, hiding a smile. Everyone around me turned, huge grins spreading across their faces as they prepared to say the same thing. I had expected Craig to say something to me, something along the lines of, “Stay away from my girlfriend! If he was going to sit near me at all, I would have expected him to sit behind me so he could ‘accidentally’ kick me and stuff. The girls filed in a minute later, most of them still pinning up their long hair. He wasn’t actually on any team; that only meant that he had to pick one specific thing and stay with it. Craig had gone for size (and the hottest girls) while Brad had picked the more lithe and agile-looking students. We spread out the balls along the line that divided the court and then took our positions against the back wall. Craig’s team charged the balls first but Brad held everyone back. Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing her, in spite of everything. No, I didn’t care that they were brother and sister, but they were brother and sister. It must be like looking into a weirdly tinted mirror. Two minutes later I was standing under the hot water, losing myself in the drumming of water bullets against my skin. I doubt that Craig Carter could tell you what color her eyes are. I mean, yeah, pointing out that Craig was so self-centered he would probably forget her name in a couple days was a nice jab, but what he said about learning stuff about her…even better, telling her something about herself even she didn’t know. “Thanks, Dad,” I said, noticeably cheerier than when I sat down. Looking at them might remind me of last night and I did not want to clue them in that I had been watching them. She had been taking a much larger interest in me since yesterday. ” “New day, new ways to learn to love school,” my dad said with a goofy grin. Mom flicked his ear and he tossed her over his shoulder and spun her around, both of them roaring with laughter. I saw Kayla standing at the end of her driveway, looking both ways, an unhappy look on her face. “Hey, Jack,” she said, leaning against the car door. ” “Yeah,” I said, trying to keep that uncomfortable shiver in my spine down, “This is Alan and Amanda.” “Hey, guys,” she said brightly, “Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you.” Alan clearly had no problem getting enthusiastic about meeting her. That’s why I have to be her friend, so maybe, maybe, I can protect her from it! He couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday.” I reddened instantly. There’s only so many ways you can tell someone they’re going to be sore and sweaty after getting their ass pounded for an hour.” I realized, as soon as I said it, what was going to happen. I sat beside Joe while, to my surprise, Craig sat in front of me. A minute later, we had successfully divided the class into two equal groups. No arguments.” Walburn checked his watch, put the whistle to his mouth, and blasted a single shrill note.The programme features powerful insights from people living with these conditions, and the medical teams at the forefront of the field, including clinical psychologist Tiger Devore, whose own sex when born was ambiguous.Nothing feels worse than waking up after crying yourself to sleep. Mom and dad, as expected, were waiting at the breakfast table. “Lucky guess,” he grinned, “Besides, you didn’t go gaga for any girls last year and she’s the only one I could think of that A) is brand new and B) is pretty enough to make you the Glum Gremlin.” My mouth twitched. They peeled away, Craig’s arm hanging out the window so he could flip me off as they drove away. “If she’s dumb enough to date him, she isn’t worth your time,” Amanda said with a small smile. “You don’t know her, Amanda, so just keep your mouth shut.” She looked hurt and I immediately regretted saying it. Kayla had a good arm and was more than capable of holding her own. The pain gradually lessened in my face, replaced with a growing pressure that I knew would be a bruise. After what seemed like an eternity, Walburn came back in and asked, “How’s the face? The first thing I did was look at myself in the mirror. It looked more like I had taken a punch right below the eye than been hit by a rubber ball. The rest of the guys came streaming in and most of them made a beeline right for me, Brad and Joe in the lead. It doesn’t hurt any worse than looking at your faces usually does.” That got some laughter and dispelled some of the tension. The tension immediately returned but Craig didn’t seem to mind. I couldn’t take my eyes off of what Amanda was doing.I’d feel humiliated but after everything that happened yesterday, maybe you can forgive me. I wanted to text you back as soon as I got your number but I was hanging with Craig and I thought it would be rude to keep pulling out my phone. Flirt with me too much and you might make Craig jealous. It was clawing at my heart, desperately urging me to tell her the truth about Craig. It would be easy enough to tell her about the previous girls, give her their names, have her talk with them. I may not have been feeling as bad as I had the night before, or when I woke up for that matter, but even dad realized this wasn’t a morning to make jokes. ” he asked, putting down his paper and giving me a concerned look. I’ll put some in right after you leave.” “Thanks, mom.” I started eating. She grinned the whole time, letting out whooping shrieks whenever she was almost hit and groaning in sympathy whenever a player was taken out. It wasn’t as massive as it felt but it didn’t look like it was going to go down any time soon. He came up and leaned against the locker next to me. Seeing it in porn is one thing but this was something else.

I pulled myself out of sleep, my eyes crusted with dried tears and with a heavy weight in my heart. I know, that sounds terrible, but I really did want to talk to you. I did get a little worried but I’m glad you’re okay. And awwww, you were worried about me :) Me: Of course! Just the mention of his name was enough to pull me out of my increasing cheerful mood. But then I’d be the jealous prick, breaking up her relationship because I wanted her. “I’m all right.” I sat down and grabbed some bacon. “Oh, by the way, I didn’t have any money in my account yesterday.” Mom put a hand to her mouth. I had never been a huge fan of breakfast but this morning sucked away any joy I might have gotten out of the meal. Craig was a good player but not one for guts; he used the bigger players as shields and spent most of his time near the back. But he was Kayla’s current boyfriend and, at least for her sake, I wasn’t looking to hurt him yet. He probably wouldn’t do it while Kayla was around but who knows what else he had in the pipeline? “Hey, Jack, I’m really sorry.” “It’s fine,” I muttered, not looking at him. I was aiming for your stomach, I promise.” “Then you’ll just have to work on your aim.” He sighed and peered at my face. He probably didn’t have anything other than more compliments but it was clear he didn’t want me around. She had her lips clamped firmly around his member, sliding it up and down while one handed tugged in rhythm with her lips. Honestly, if they just mailed us the textbooks and a letter saying what the class was going to be about, the first couple days of school would be pointless. As soon as we started working, the burnt wood smell would be like cordite and, if you weren’t careful, it could make you dizzy. After all, first day of class was all about pointing out the blatantly obvious and promising that, yes, eventually stuff would get interesting.My limbs felt numb, like they’d been drained of blood and then stuck with hundreds of needles. I have some insight into the female mind ;) I sucked in my breath and opened the text from Kayla. Oh, idk if you saw on fb but we are a couple now :) he’s a really good guy. I’d be happy to help you with your homework tonight. It wouldn’t be polite of you as one of my new best friends to disappear on me after one day. I’m serious when I say my greatest wish at that moment was just to crawl in bed and stare at the ceiling for the rest of the day. After about ten minutes, it was down to only three players on each side. I’ll be back before the bell so you have time to change.” He left as the nurse handed me the ice pack and wordlessly sat back at her desk. I leaned back and closed my eyes, wishing again that I had been quicker on the uptake. She’s pretty good at athletics, dodgeball at least. “I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.” I was getting really annoyed at this point. Just drop it.” “No, really,” he said, pointing a finger at it, “I didn’t think it would do .” As he said ‘that’ he jabbed his finger forward and pushed on the bruise. I’ll put an ice pack on it when I get home, I promise.” “I’m going to make Craig drop me off at home early,” she said, “And then I’m coming over to check on you.” “You sure you’ll be able to? ” Craig said, sliding beside her, “He’s hurt enough as it is.” The rage was building like a volcano inside me. “If it’s something private, then I’ll give you guys space.” “Thanks, Jack,” Craig said, “You’re a pal.” His grin was nothing but condescension. Her other hand was fondling his balls, stroking them and scratching them lightly.I may have not wanted to get up yesterday but I didn’t want to get up today. Not as refined or sweet as you, though, so you still beat him there ;) anyway we got home so late last night I didn’t even have time to do my homework. On the one hand, this new relationship she was in seemed like a good thing to her, even though she already figured out some of Craig’s worst traits. I was just pulling myself out of bed, scraping away the crust from my eyes, when her response came. “Jack, your mom mentioned you might be having some…concerns about a girl? He was always there for us but rarely did he bring up one of our problems, preferring to let us decide if they were important enough to take up with him. Brad and I were still in the game, along with another student who, I think, was named Ted. Craig’s team consisted of Joe, Kayla, and Lord Doucheington himself. “Go and get one,” I said, grinning, “Then we’ll see who’s better.” She seemed pleased by the challenge, even as my team on the bleachers hollered at me to just get her out. Pain exploded in my face, right in the spot below my eye and next to my nose. The ice hurt like crazy and it took a minute or so until I was finally able to put the pressure fully on the spot where I had been hit. Craig was trying to escalate this into full-on war. If things kept going the way they were, it wasn’t going to end well. The pain lanced through my face and I barely held back a roar of pain. ” I asked, “You got dropped off really late last night.” “I’ll insist. He says it was an accident, but…” Her face was conflicted and I understood. ” “It was okay,” she said, “We played a couple more games but Walburn was really cracking down. “Sorry again, man.” “Don’t worry about it.” I looked away. ” Kayla asked, “We’ve got plenty of room for more.” “Jack’s got his buddies to sit with,” Craig said, putting an arm around her (God, that gesture was pissing me off), “I’d feel bad taking him away from them.” The spit was growing in my mouth and I felt a strong desire to aim it at his face. “Don’t worry, man,” Craig replied, smiling, “There was something I needed to talk to you about, babe.” She was puzzled. The bell rang and was swarmed like a wave out from the hallway, Craig pulling Kayla with him so they were at the front. She took Alan’s cock out of her mouth and began gently running her tongue around it, swirling it around and around the head like an ice cream cone. Amanda smiled at that and began licking up and down, occasionally stopping the suck on a small section. Everyone else was getting along just fine but all I was seeing were two couples who were happily having sex and clearly loving every minute of it. Honestly, what I was looking for was a relationship more than anything. I wanted a girl I could talk for hours to, could go on long rides that were way too short with, could hang out with and not have to look at my watch. “Whatever you want.” There had been something different about her today that I had noticed back at home and now I put my finger on it. ” Her hair was still tied up but the hair-bow was gone. “You know, I would probably like it a lot better if I didn’t have to pick it apart with freaking tweezers.” “Thank God for the Internet, right? “It’s okay, they’ve got some for sale in the school store. They should be free but that would require that this hole have a beating heart somewhere. “Hey, babe,” he said calmly as we approached, “I waited for you outside of your homeroom.” “Sorry, Craig,” she said, giving him a hug. “Oh, you pissed him off good,” Brad said, “By the way, good job earning brownie points.” “Earning what? I liked him a lot, everyone liked him, but having him a gym teacher was almost terrifying. I grabbed a locker, memorized the combination to the lock that had been printed on a small slip of paper taped to the back of the padlock, and started to undress. “I thought the first day was all about telling us all the interesting stuff we would eventually be doing,” Joe said, tugging off his shirt, “What the hell does Walburn have planned for a first class?