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Ron’s skills include: Prior to founding Bader Engineering in 1981, Ron worked as a founding employee of Compression Labs, Inc., a world leader in Data Compression and Video Teleconferencing technologies.

At CLI he held various positions as Manager, Design Engineering; Chief Engineer; and Project Engineer.

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I have also created and edited flyers and brochures for marketing, and proposals for grants and funding.

I am the founder of Bachmann Law Group, a law firm that specializes in patent and intellectual property matters. and foreign patent and trademark applications, implementing trade secret programs, and global enforcement and defense of his client’s patents.

He has written on the following topics: Brian is an independent consultant with extensive experience with storage devices and interfaces, including Flash Memory, Disk Drives, RAID/Disk Arrays, Optical Storage (CD-ROM, DVD, WORM, Magneto-Optical, Content Scramble System-CSS), Tape, Storage Area Networks (SAN), and USB, SCSI, i SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel and SATA/IDE/ATA/ATAPI.

He has performed device tear-downs in order to study the workings of a number of consumer electronics devices, and has studied the operation of Kindle and Nook e-book readers.

Carl has been active in IEEE-CNSV for many years, including holding the following board positions: Apple Enterprises was founded in 1981 and specializes in embedded firmware, control software and application software.

I develop the embedded product, the PC control application, the manufacturing and calibration application and even the installer. I have developed more than 50 biotech, medical, industrial controls and consumer products over the last 30 years for 25 different companies. I host the South Bay Cal Engineering Alumni meetings.The subjects include Automated Test Equipment for semiconductors, analog and digital ASIC databooks, hardware installation, Command Line Interface reference guides, EDA, and network technology.The network technology includes Voice over IP (VOIP), NIC, VLAN and Load Balancing.His semiconductor consulting experience includes new product and competitive analysis, support of patent litigation, product launch, promotion, business issues, sourcing, IC wafer and package foundry coordination, project management, and startup support. Dick has been active in IEEE for many years, including: Wayne Amacher has extensive experience in hardware design and in writing about it.His experience in technical support of patent litigation includes working with over 15 law firms. Ahrons holds 14 patents and has publishsd over 25 papers. He can take your marketing ideas; negotiate tradeoffs with management; then flesh out the architecture with respect to boards, components, power, cooling, layout, packaging, softare/firmware interfaces, and user interfaces. The end result is a detailed design specification, approved by management, that your hardware and software engineers can design to.These associations enable him to build project teams that can handle complex projects of a multi-disciplinary nature.