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I thought, how could anyone say such hurtful and damaging things to someone that they do not even know?What kind of individual takes “pleasure” in putting down someone who is already feeling low from issues that they have no control over?

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I was a huge fan of their awesome mix of talk and music playing program (mostly R&B, with a bit of positive hip-hop), and I thought that participating in their chatroom would be a great way to cure my boredom from being at home post-undergrad.For the first two months, it was nice meeting different people from across the country; the majority were older than I was (I was 23, going on 24 at the time).(Being that I have gotten to know this person, I am not shocked that he would come to the aid of a friend in need – that is just the kind of person he is.) The person being bullied is someone who has a disability, and has endured severe health complications that affects their entire body functioning.The comments the anonymous messengers (called “anons”) submitted were about the blogger’s facial and body appearance, derogatory slurs such as “freak,” and hints that they should not be around anymore.To cause someone to think and believe such things is downright sadistic and wicked.

Once the bullying hellstorm finally subsided, I never felt safe there again.I stayed for several more months because I had gotten to know a few people on there who were phenomenal (and I still communicate with a handful to this day), but the damage was done.I purposefully avoided going into the chatroom when I saw the bullies in there, and I knew that they still talked about me from the snide comments they would post.This campaign aims to unite communities, local and nationwide, through activities, education, and awareness building during the observance period.In the month of October, schools and organizations by the hundreds sign up as partners to respond to bullying behaviors that exist and work to shift the way students, parents, and community residents view bullying from being simply “child’s play” or a “rite of passage” to a serious, and at times, life-threatening issue that needs to be addressed.Why I Chose to Discuss Cyberbullying as an Pw D: Discussing my experience with cyberbullying was not the topic I had chosen to write about this week.