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Rural lawmakers are dwindling in number as people continue to migrate to metropolitan areas.But the battle between urban and rural politics is as big as ever -- and those out in the country may be winning.

That's why local leaders are starting to diversify their economies and prepare their people for an uncertain future.

Despite the Trump tide, voters at the local level approved new taxes on soda and bond measures for housing and transportation.

Arizona was the poster child for Tea Party politics.

Now the state's Republican leaders are focusing instead on core establishment issues.

To find out how the city pulled it off, GOVERNING spoke with Guillermo Vidal, Denver's deputy mayor and director of public works.

Natwar Gandhi knows how to make red ink turn to black.But can Democratic AGs make a difference with their diminished numbers? The new administration will embolden states’ rights, but it could also create problems for them.The decline of the mining industry started long before the Obama administration and will likely continue even with Trump in the White House.But policies that sell well in cities won't always work statewide.After stumbling off the stage during his last presidential run and being indicted on criminal charges, Texas’ longest-serving and possibly most influential governor wants to redeem his political career.Democrats gained seats in several states on Tuesday -- more in the Virginia House than they have in any single cycle since the 19th century.