Album art not updating on ipod touch

Of course, for this to work properly, the necessary tag information needs to have been filled in.

On the other hand, media content that you import from other sources may not be filled in completely or properly.

Further, even with your purchased and CD-imported content, you may not like the way the information is filled in and may prefer to customize it to your own liking.

Generally, your music tracks should contain at least the name, artist and album information to be organized properly by i Tunes.

Other media types can also contain this information, however fields other than the name are not always as necessary for content such as audiobooks, podcasts, or video content.

This has the advantage of allowing you to quickly locate and browse through your media content in a number of different ways, rather than being limited to the relatively rigid hierarchy of a file and folder structure.

This also applies to how your music and other content is organized on Apple’s media devices: the i Pod, i Phone, i Pad and the Apple TV.When I went back to main view listing all movies or shows, it would again incorrectly display the artwork.It seemed completely random and a couple were duplicated several times.This means that if you reimport these files into another i Tunes library or another media management application that reads tag information, any changes you’ve made will be reflected there as well.Keep in mind that some formats, such as WAV files, do not provide any fields to store tag information; in this case the information for these files will only be stored within the i Tunes database and this information will not be available when importing these files into another i Tunes library or another application.Users concerned about retaining tags in lossless files are probably better to consider the AIFF or Apple Lossless formats.