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Downing Street has now distanced itself from Mr Cameron’s initial claim that there were up to 70,000 Syrian rebels prepared to join the fight against Isil – a figure, I am told, that was inserted at the last minute into Mr Cameron’s Commons speech by an over-enthusiastic Cabinet Office official who was not inclined to heed the official military guidance.

As all four teams on the first flight chose to build a religious offering, the plane carrying Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan landed in Bali.Having found a better flight during the layover in Singapore, John felt comfortable about his position, saying, "We're kind of middle of the pack right now.When David Cameron tried to find out just how many Syrian fighters were available to conduct ground operations against Islamic State (Isil), the response from his senior military advisors was hardly encouraging.That, in a nutshell, sums up the predicament facing Western policymakers as they attempt to devise a coherent strategy for defeating Isil – one that does not rely exclusively on the somewhat optimistic belief that if you drop enough bombs on the fanatics, they will simply give up on their attempts to establish their self-styled caliphate.Sandy Bottom required teams to collect sand from the bottom of the Ayung River and transport it uphill 200 yards to a brick maker.

Once they filled the container to the designated line, the brick maker would hand them their next clue.

Dave & Connor watched as their monkey took the lead over the others soon revealing the hollow center of the coconut that held a metal cylinder.

Their monkey ran off with the coconut but left the metal tube behind, and Dave & Connor opened it up to find a Detour having the choice between Sandy Bottom and Fruity Top.

They were the only team who thought to call ahead to a travel agency to secure seats on the earliest flight that landed in Bali at am before heading off on the long drive back to Christchurch.

With a reservation in hand, all they had to do was stop at the travel agency, pick up their tickets, and head to the airport.

However, in their connecting city of Singapore, the alliance paid off for Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan who worked together and found a faster connection that would get them into Bali at am instead of pm.