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« Brooklyn DA Refuses to Drop Charges Against Tiffany Jimenez, Lesbian Victim of Police Misconduct | Main | Senate Votes 58-40 to Strip F-22 Funding from Do D Authorization, Major Hurdle for Hate Crimes Bill » It looks like Chris Brown is practicing looking at the Tele Promp Ter and abtastic Omarion is looking at ... This and several other photos via singer/choreographer Teyana Taylor's Twitter. In April, Omarion's publicists suggested he was allegedly married or in a relationship with a bisexual (female) stripper.

T, seen in the middle, invited girlfriend Alycia Bellamy, Omarion and Chris Brown to show their ab-wok "cuz we working out for the summer." We know that Chris Beezy likes (to beat on) women. Later the R&B poptart leaked photos of an alleged "sex tape." Not the easiest way to dismiss those gay rumors?

Neither Ty nor Lauren has commented on the nature of their relationship, but based on social media pics alone, it’s pretty obvious the two are close friends, and potentially more.

But Omarion looks more interested in Chris than the two honeys. AFTER THE JUMP, Omarion butches it up with Chris Brown to flash more skin and boxer briefs. Oh and is anyone surprised that dozens of women Tweeted they would have "loved" to "been alone" with Chris Brown at this shoot?

September 18, 2017: Around the time Straight Outta Compton was getting a lot of attention, we reported that O’Shea had a Caucasian girlfriend – who was caught on Twitter speaking badly about darker women.

Shantel Jackson IG: Miss Jackson She’s been on the blogs for years, however, Miss Jackson has weathered the storms successfully.

On The Platinum Life, the actress takes control of her wheel by letting the world know that she is more than a beautiful arm-piece to a well-known Midwest rapper.

Scroll through Instagram and you will see that designs fab swimwear.

Before you write The Platinum Life off as another reality fix where water bottles are thrown over petty arguments, tune in and see why these ladies are moving to the front of the scene and your flatscreen.

Recapping a night of entertainment, a sensual atmosphere is painted vividly.

The chorus directly brings order to the scene, with mimosa as the main drink of choice.

According to Alycia, is all about embracing your inner woman.

More specifically, the flower signifies feminine aspects of renewal and change.

The girl deleted her Twitter after that, but we found her Instagram (Jacque.lynn).