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True they are visual but women are even more superficial when it comes to looks. There are fat and completely unattractive women who completely ignore guys of their level (fat and completely attractive men) for better.Men will be attracted to most women just because they are women. Even if a woman is average or homely will find a woman attractive just because she is a woman. Whereas those men won't mind going out with them in a heartbeat.Indeed, I shall fall in love with your chap myself if I write another syllable.

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But there is something inside of you that’s not sitting right, Too Deep, a little piece of you that feels like maybe you’re being an asshole. But I can tell you how I make sure that I’m not being an asshole.

I’m guessing that this woman you speak of does not nestle neatly into the box labeled “beautiful” by conventional standards? When dating and sleeping with people never put them into sweeping stereotypes or categories and respect them as individuals.

But when we went outside in the cold, his nose turned a purplish-red color!

This was a Miss Snoot: Stop "picturing" the thing and give him another chance.

You can find her work and professional contact information on her website,

Ok, everyone is abuzz about it, and I know I’m late to the party. Basically it’s a location-based app that pulls info from your Facebook to create your profile, and then pulls up ‘matches’ that meet your age/sex/location criteria.

If a woman has even one physical attribute, most men will find her sexy. They put much more emphasis on the way a man looks facially than men do. So after writing all this, I just wanna know the answer from you girls.

Women only go weak in the knees for truly model perfect, men with chiseled faces. Men truly get a bad rep for being shallow when it comes to looks... Why are most of you, if not all, so damn shallow and picky?

She’s getting more attached, but this is becoming more of a mental block for me. — Getting Too Deep in the Shallow End For most people, attraction is an instant, uncontrollable urge that tends to be physically motivated.

I feel like Shallow Hal, and if it wasn’t for the lack of physical attraction, things would be great. Emotional attachment and intimacy, however, is usually a slower burn.

But the other day, I said to my productivity, “Hey, workflow, let’s take an unexpected 2 hour break and check this sucker out.” For anyone who doesn’t yet know what I’m talking about, ‘this sucker’ is Tinder: a ‘dating’ app that’s like if (remember that?! All you see of these potential matches are a few photos, any mutual friends or interests (according to your FB profile) and one tagline. The fact that you can tell when someone is “less than a mile away” made me believe that I was one mis-swipe away from ending up in some guy named Xenon’s trunk never to be seen again all because he had a cheeky tagline and a photo of a puppy in his profile pic. What started out as an experiment got me thinking about what this app says about dating in general.