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My Apple TV says it is out of space Your Apple TV streams most videos and music, but it stores apps – and their data – on its internal drive.

As you download new apps your available storage shrinks until you run out of space.

Apple Support has an extensive and useful discussion forum where you may find help with specific problems.

Touch surface scrolling is too sensitive This is a frequent complaint, but the good news is it’s easy to fix., though you are limited to three options: Slow, Fast and Medium. My receiver keeps rebooting Some Apple TV users have experienced problems in which third party receivers, such as those from Marantz, will reboot inexplicably when they connect an Apple TV and are playing certain content, such as You Tube videos.

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windows started updating more frequent updating patches..taking really long to shut down or boot up..

from there AVG strongly advised to buy their premium without me contacting them! they blame each other and want money to service this crashed pc..This is what to do if your Apple TV starts acting strangely. If the IP address does show up but the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t appear to be that strong, then you should consider moving your wireless access point closer to the Apple TV, using an Ethernet cable between the two devices, or investing in a Wi-Fi extender (such as an Apple Express unit) to increase the signal near your set top box.Air Play doesn’t work Air Play is becoming ever so in the world can I fix my g7 HP pavilion notebook that i bought new in the fall of 2011 pre-installed windows 7 home premium?I used AVG ATTI VIRUS when it was time to upgrade from AVG 2013 to AVG 2014 as it was suggested by AVG popup .. I thought I did something right but apparently the update caused windows to run a muck..Putting intelligence inside everything should make our lives more convenient, enabling us to spend our time doing different things: unfortunately plans don’t always work out that way.