Ashlee simpson who is she dating

Chances are, Ashlee Simpson will be one of her sister Jessica Simpson's bridesmaids when she marries fiancé Eric Johnson next year, but that doesn't mean she's always going to be a bridesmaid.

New year means new life for Ashlee Simpson who was blundered by her 2004 Saturday Night Live lip-sync scandal.

Won't get stirred up with the "Stop Ashlee Simpson" online petition, the singer confidently performed at the concert, who according to many audiences was not being true to herself.

But it wasn’t a particularly good sale that cheered the 26-year-old star — it was her companion, a tattooed blonde rocker named Craig Owens. S., just released its first album on Decaydance, Pete’s record label!

“They were holding hands in the elevator,” an insider tells in an exclusive interview, “and a lot of the time he had his arm around her. It was obvious that they were a couple.” Considering it’s only been a little more than a month since she’s filed for divorce from husband Pete Wentz, Ashlee seems to be moving rather fast. The revelation that she’s been seeing his pal is bound to hurt 31-year-old Pete, who, a friend says, has been desperately trying to win his wife back.

Her third album Bittersweet World (2008), debuted at number four on the album charts.

In April 2008, Simpson and musician Pete Wentz confirmed their engagement, and they wed on May 17, 2008 at Simpson's parents' residence in Encino, California, with her father officiating the ceremony.While the world already had their eyes on Jessica Simpson at the turn of the century — thanks to a handful of hit singles, a burgeoning acting career and an MTV-captured romance with 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey — it wasn’t until 2004 that people got to know Jessica’s little sister Ashlee, thanks to her own MTV series, , and hinted at the differences her music would display from her sister’s: instead of starry-eyed hooks, Ashlee’s songs came with a delicious pop-punk edge.Ashlee would go on to release two more albums following her 2004 debut, and was slated to release another in 2012, but scrapped it after her single “Bat For a Heart” fizzled.Link to Wikipedia biography Craft quotes Lepoivre with no source. Ashlee is famous (within her inner circle) for being really weird about not wanting to answer any "private" or "personal" questions about her life.In an email with Karen Marie Shelton, who acquired birth data for Jessica Simpson, Shelton explained in regards to Ashlee: "No... In fact, she has been known to get upset if she knows people are discussing her (Scorpio ascendant maybe? Case in point, even though the world knew Ashlee wore hair extensions, she wouldn't give me permission to write about that particular well-known fact. She changed her surname from Simpson to Wentz, and during the marriage was known professionally as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.