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before the word Lalique, these signatures represent the piece to be modern Lalique Crystal made by the modern Lalique company after the death of Rene Lalique.

Note in the stencil signatures how the word France below Lalique is often not centered? in the stencils was dropped, the word France, which had been centered under R.

The perfume bottles measure 4.5" tall and are 3" round. The perfume bottles are in excellent vintage condition (never used) but the box has a 1" chunck of glass missing along the edge of the cover.

Notice the difference in the last two examples having straight lines instead of everything on one arching curve.

These signatures are reminders of the time when the modern Lalique company was calling itself, or its products, or both, Cristal Lalique.

But, if it's Lalique ® France with the ® symbol anywhere in the signature, it's 1978 forward, and not during the lifetime of Rene Lalique.

Modern Lalique Crystal Signature Example #2: LALIQUE CRISTAL FRANCE Modern crystal pieces also appear with the signature as shown below.

Lalique) signatures is our first example, and we picked it for that reason. These words and/or the symbol ®, are not found in pre-war (before the death of Rene Lalique) authentic R. The "one word indicator" is also true for Example 11 below which illustrates that if a piece has the word CREATION as part of the signature, it is not an authentic R.

If your piece bears the form of signature discussed and shown in Example No. Lalique piece, and it might not even have been made by the modern Lalique company. It's telling you that the design was originally created by Rene Lallque; it's just giving him credit.

For these Lalique France signatures, we don't focus on what is there, such as the ® or a particular word in the first 5 examples, but rather what is not there.

If the word France comes right after or right under the word Lalique in the same inscribed style of the same typeface, and without the leading R.

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Marc changed the product from glass to a heavier lead crystal, changed the company name, and changed the name used for marketing.

1, or if it contains the registered trademark symbol ® (not the words, just the symbol ®), it is not an authentic pre-war R. Examples 3 are similarly easy to differentiate because of the inclusion of the word Cristal in the signatures. NOTE: Even if the word CREATION is accompanied by the phrase R. But the piece is a modern reproduction that may not have even been manufactured by the modern Lalique Company.