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Bam and Missy continue planning their wedding, Bam hires his uncles to build steps for his hot tub, and the couple gets an offer from Playboy Magazine for Missy to pose nude and Bam to be a guest photographer.Bam and his friends decorate their house for Christmas, Bam cuts down a 50 foot tree from his parents backyard to set up in his house and tows it home with his Hummer, April teaches Missy to cook the Christmas turkey/meal, Bam sets up and participates in the West Chester Christmas parade.

Melissa Rothstein was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania.She attended West Chester East High School, where she met her future husband Bam Margera.The day of the wedding everything goes smoothly and Bam and Missy are married.During the reception Bam meets up with some old friends and enjoys a performance by Iggy Pop and the Stooges and The Sounds.This popular game transforms into an easy costume idea.

For EITHER: Grab a red or black T-shirt and corresponding hat.-themed event was captured on Snapchat and the videos were later uploaded to the 27-year-old singer’s BFF Melissa Forde‘s Instagram account.Rihanna was dressed as “Thotty Pebbles” while her friend Jennifer Rosales went as “Ratchet Wilma.” Everyone attending the party was dressed up as characters from Bed Rock and there were cardboard cut-outs of characters all over.Bam's parents, April and Phil Margera, also appear in the show.Margera's uncle Don Vito does not make regular appearances due to MTV's concerns about his legal problems, stemming from sexual assault charges in Colorado in August 2006.During the filming of the series she was approached by Playboy to pose nude with Bam as a guest photographer, and she obliged, though reluctantly, as was chronicled on the show.