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And they provide the html to create the fancy image insertion you see below. I found a Word Press Plugin that allows you to display your stats from bf2 An example of the output with my stats is below: Ultimate Tools Utility for Battlefield 2 I came across the following tool which has lots of good features You can download it here Ribbons, Badges and Medals The best site I have found to contain the most detailed information is Ubar which is now part of BF2S(i.e.

inaccessible to them, there isn’t much incentive to download it.

Yes, the campaign is worth something, but it certainly wasn’t the main reason people wanted to play it on release, nor is it likely the reason they want to download it now.

I haven’t checked it out yet but this could be a great source of info.

Battlefield 2 Case Mods these case mods are awesome!

If something is missing from your stats, just wait a little while and try again.

Our Battlefield stats Community Leaderboard* is also available to help you get a picture of where you stand in relation to your bf2 playing buddies.

Update:6/29/07 I found another cool player stats site called BF2that is definitely worth checking out and also offers a large number of custom signatures that you can use.

Below is the one I selected but there are a bunch more.

So I thought I’d create a quick little repository of all the info I’ve found thus far.

Note: I will continually update this page as I come across more information so bookmark it and visit often.

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