Best rod for casting

A go-to inshore spinning rod doesn’t have to break the budget, but it might take a bit of sleuthing to find the right one.

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People have casted 12 to even 14 ounce weights with this rod.

I would not recommend it but it may be worth trying out in tough surf fishing conditions.

You can maximize this rod tip velocity by having a long rod. Read on to learn about some high quality surf fishing rods that will allow you to cast a long distance.

Specs: Medium, heavy action 10-30 pound test line 2-8 ounce lure/weights 15 foot length ~2.5 pounds 3 piece Highlights: Strong, inexpensive, durable The 15 foot version of this rod is broken down into 3 pieces and each piece is about 5 feet long. That being said, this rod is large and it isn’t really a rod to be using lures on unless you want a great upper body workout.

The rod is made out of fiberglass and is relatively stiff so it will allow you to heave the bait out as hard as you want.

Like, seriously, you can man handle the thing and its distance traveled will awe other fisherman.One problem with surf fishing though is the need to get your bait as far away from the shore as possible.This maximizes your chance of reaching the species of fish you are trying to catch as you have the ability to cover lots of water. The basic answer to this is to get a big, strong, and durable rod.The fiberglass rod most likely will be heavier but offer greater durability than a high-graphite-content blank.” Luckily, the same rod makers that produce the most expensive rods on the market also meticulously design and build inexpensive models.“If properly cared for, less-expensive rods can last the angler most of their lifetime,” says Bruce Holt, of G. “The life of the components is probably shorter than that of the blank, but sticking with high-quality components extends their life as well.” To explore some top options for affordable inshore rods that handle 10- or 15-pound braided line comfortably, we reviewed the market.Understand that several of the 10 rods listed here are rated higher, for 15- to 30-pound-test, and others are rated lower at 6- to 12-pound-test or 8- to 15-pound-test. Throughout this guide, you might notice terms like “fast action” or “medium power.” Most anglers know these terms, but some might appreciate a quick refresher.