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They find Spot, transformed into a lizard—but she has also given birth to perfectly normal kittens.It’s possible that amniotic fluid or something else in the placenta that provides immunity to a fetus also holds the key to stopping the virus.So they need to find a pregnant crew member, which they happen to have one of in Ogawa.

Data’s scan determines that she’s turning into an amphibian—and she’s also been bitten by a Klingon.

When they reach the bridge, they find only the body of Ensign Dern at conn, who has been ripped apart by something with claws.

Picard distracts him by spraying amplified Troi-funk in the air to lure Worf away while Data works on the retrovirus.

(I was going to add that you can’t make this up, but ….) Picard—who is transforming into a marmoset or lemur or some other itty bitty primate and who is therefore scared of pretty much everything—leads Worf on a merry chase through corridors and Jefferies tubes while Data works on the retrovirus. Thank You, Counselor Obvious: Troi is transformed into an amphibian, which can possibly be explained by her Betazoid heritage (which goes strangely unmentioned, with Data going so far as to say she’s no longer human, when she was never entirely human anyhow).

Riker’s attempt to alert Starfleet Command fails due to his inability to remember his access code.

A couple of days later, Picard and Data return with the errant torpedo.

They go to engineering, where Barclay has transformed into an arachnid and covered engineering in webbing.

Once that’s done, they locate Ogawa, who has turned into a simian, but whose embryo is unaffected.

(She already told Powell, the father.) The recently upgraded their tactical systems, and Worf is running tests on them.

One of the new torpedoes misses its target and veers off into a dense asteroid field.

Data’s examination of Riker’s DNA shows a synthetic T-cell that is rewriting the crew’s DNA—and Picard has been infected as well.