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No theory or guide compares to the experience of living “full time” in another country.I learned that only when we face adversity, and live in a diverse environment every day, we are able to really understand the culture of a country and even better, learn more about our own country and culture.

Non-managers will adopt the business casual look (never jeans.) For women, this may be a bit different since they have a lot more options in wardrobe. Because of the tropical climate it may be common to see more cleavage that one would see in America.The key for men and women is to wear clothes made out of good material and many times made by famous designers. In America, a lot of companies have adopted the business casual look which in many circumstances may mean wearing jeans and showing personality through clothing. In some big cities like New York it is more common to see men and women in suits but this is definitely not the norm for most companies. Even though people work together and have closer relationships, employees don’t usually question their managers.If there is no connection or affinity the deal may be off.As a new business partnership develops a lot of time will be spent dining and having coffee. To them, it’s about getting the work done, no matter what it takes.2- Dress code in Brazil is an indicator of status and success In Brazil you can tell if a person is at a managerial level by how they dress.

The higher the occupation the more dressed up the person will be.For men this means wearing a suit with a vest if at an executive level.A lower level executive may wear a suit and a manager will wear a shirt and tie.Here are my top 7 differences: 1- Brazilians do business with people; Americans with companies It’s a fact, if you want to do business with Brazilians you need to devote time to know the person you are dealing with on a more personal level.Brazilians need to know and trust their business counterparts.In America, group work tends to be divided amongst the team members.