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He wanted to travel…but he was terrified of flying.Dave was so scared that after a flight which he spent curled up in the fetal position, he stopped flying for ten years.Dave never looked back as he became a pro snowboard and ski instructor and dove into skateboarding, motocross, rally-car racing, wakeboarding, surfing, and rock climbing.

This helps students eliminate the noise of their minds and identify the true insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.They can then strip all that away to build authentic confidence, be more present to connect with others at profound levels, and find the drive to achieve world-class success.He hadn’t struggled with women growing up because of his fierce sense of self and little care about what people thought of him as he broke all the rules, infuriated fathers of teenage daughters, and pushed his limits in extreme sports.But it was as a photographer that he really learned to observe and connect with women that most men were intimidated by.He is passionate about guiding people in the pursuit of their “dream life.” Brian does this by helping them get underneath the layers of social conditioning and (often unconscious) fears they’ve picked up throughout life to find their most authentic, FEARLESS selves.

Brian specializes in presence work: getting people “out of their heads” (over-analysis) and into a deeper, more conscious relationship with their bodies.

He knows that road runs through stepping into discomfort, facing fears, and walking through them.

Dave loves his students too much to let them get away with anything that’s not moving them towards their goals - occasionally students hate him for a moment or two, but they always laugh at themselves later and thank him for showing them new standards for themselves.

Brian describes himself as a lifelong student – both his personal development and that of FEARLESS coursework is never-ending.

Dave Stultz is the chief of holding students to their “red line” and blowing them up, into new, amazing realities they couldn’t previously fathom.

Dave’s life experiences so far include a variety of extreme sports, owning businesses, managing nightclubs, and commercial and fashion photography in New York City.