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There was a time in the not-too-distant past when viewing movies or premium television meant signing up for pricey cable packages, but those once-fortified cable walls are slowly crumbling.

Hulu and Netflix took pickaxes to the established business model by letting entertainment-seekers binge-watch documentaries, comedies, sci-fi, and dramas without a cable subscription.

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HBO Now lacks live program streaming, but HBO states that content is added to HBO Now within hours of its initial broadcast.HBO Now's .99 per month fee is a significantly less than the cost of a cable and HBO subscription package, but it's almost double the .99 price of Hulu Plus and Netflix Basic streaming video services.Other options and features include Add to Watchlist (which lets you save programs to a list containing content that you'd like to check out at a later time) and Continue Watching (which lets you pick up a program where you left off, even if you switch devices).It's Not Cable, It's HBO HBO has finally given cord cutters with a taste for quality programming what they've long desired: premium television minus cable TV. It's a well-designed mobile app and service that has season upon season of Home Box Office's excellent original programming.HBO Now streams content in 720 or 1080p with an adaptive bit rate that changes depending on the quality of a viewer's Internet connection..

The playback options include closed captioning, and the ability to skip forward or backward by 10 seconds.The Lowdown on HBO Now If you're wondering about the differences between HBO Go and the recently launched HBO Now, here's the skinny: HBO Go is an extension of an existing HBO cable subscription that lets you watch content on PCs and mobile devices with no additional charge.HBO Now, on the other hand, is a completely standalone service; no cable and no cable provider are required. It is, but there's a potential downside if you aren't invested in Apple's ecosystem.The movie catalog is solid, though lacking in a few key areas, and only time will tell if its unproven streaming capabilities can withstand large visitor spikes.Despite those flaws and uncertainties, HBO Now is already highly recommended.I set up my PC and i Pad to stream 's first episode at the same time and noticed a small amount of video stuttering.