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These gray-toned stains have a true brown base color (without a red or yellow undertone) that will coordinate with white paints, gray wall colors, gray countertops and tiles.

Country style is so popular in part because it’s such a simple, cozy design style that doesn’t require perfectly matched furniture.Unlike a modern or minimalist design, country kitchens welcome display items like china or baskets.Country style can range widely depending on the geographical location the home is in, but even the most differing variants of country style have similar elements of design.The kitchens in this collection run the gambit from very rustic country to contemporary country, which employs a brighter color palette.Accents in a French kitchen may include furniture with delicate, subtle carvings, copper pots and woven baskets, iron fixtures, and clear glass vases.

You may also see more pottery in a French kitchen, even though it’s an accent common to all country styles.Floors are more commonly wood in an English kitchen, while stone or brick floors are more common in a French one.Accents in an English kitchen include china arranged on a wall or in an open display cabinet, vases of fresh flowers, embroidered rugs, or pine bookcases.In any country-style kitchen, look for painted furniture that may be lightly distressed.An important aspect of any country-style room is that it should look time-worn and well-loved.In contemporary country kitchens, look for a brighter color palette with accents of red, black, or pristine white.