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Quite a relaxed tour but with lots of optional activities to keep you busy, would definitely recommend the cooking class and trekking around Inele lake!

magazine’s international edition over the caption, “the face of Buddhist terror.” He was credited with inciting angry Buddhists in Myanmar to riot against the Muslim minority, burning mosques and Muslim-owned shops and houses, and attacking Muslims who dared to challenge them.

Help monks practice their English while watching the sunset at Mandalay Hill; light candles with chanting pilgrims at an enormous golden boulder perched at the edge of a cliff; or wave to the locals as you take a ferry up the Ayeyarwaddy River. The land of gold where you can discover so many things.

In 20, scores were killed and thousands were displaced from their homes.

In the town of Meiktila, a Buddhist mob surrounded a Muslim man and set him on fire.

Wirathu insisted that his only role was to preach the truth.

Though his fiery sermons have been reported as inciting violence, Wirathu disassociated himself from such acts, saying that his own followers were not under his control.

Not all Muslims were extremists, he said, though most were under their influence, so virtually all Muslims in Myanmar were suspect.

I asked him for examples of how the tiny Muslim minority in Myanmar—some four percent of the population—could possibly threaten the Buddhist majority.

It was not clear how frequently he thought this sort of thing happened.

When I asked others in Mandalay they could only think of a handful of cases of ethnic intermarriage.

“They are trying to transform Myanmar into a Muslim state,” Wirathu said.

He claimed that this was the reason that he and the 969 movement are trying to protect Burmese Buddhism from what he regards as a kind of cultural annihilation.

Along with carbon offsetting your trip, we’ll also contribute funds to our new social enterprise partner, Friends-International, on your behalf. We covered so much ground in this beautiful country within the two weeks, and at the end, it was hard to say goodbye.