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Cady joined this award winning nonprofit organization by taking a trip with the heads of the “As the World Turns” production staff to help local St.

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She's an extraordinary visual artist and really nails it as a director.It's been so incredible to have each other as we expand our careers in this way.It's the kind of film you experience almost voyeuristically, uncomfortably. Lindstrom: My beautiful love was an associate producer on and was invaluable.TV Guide Magazine: And this being an indie, you had to work fast and cheap. She really got inspired to go out and make her own films.We love each other deeply and get along so well that it was kinda like, why not? Some of the magazines heard we were planning something and wanted to come photograph it. We're very private people and we don't like to share those things. Very chill, very low key, just exactly what we wanted.

Eric Idle was staying there at the same time, which was kinda cool.Other directing credits include the short film ,” which premiered at the SOHO International Film Fest, won Best Comedy Drama Short at the Indie Gathering Festival, was an official selection of the LA Indie Film Fest, was awarded an Honorable Mention for “Best Director” by the Los Angeles Film Review, an “Honorable Mention” from the Sa Mo Indie FF, and received an Award of Merit by the Best Shorts Film Festival; and the short film, , is an in-depth look into life as a child actor and her struggles to survive an alcoholic family system. As a result she was featured in TV Guide and invited to do a feature interview with Cameron Mathison on Entertainment Tonight.The book has received wide acclaim and 84 five-star reviews on Amazon.Always interested in contributing to the wider conversation about topics ranging from women’s issues to national tragedies, she has written articles for The Good Men Project, HLNTV, Policymic, Ms Cheevious, AND Magazine and live blogged the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.Cady also does audio books, winning an Earphones Audiophile Award and recognition from Entertainment Weekly, Audiophile Magazine, and Publishers Weekly for her reading of Emma Cline’s incredible debut novel .TV Guide Magazine: Did you talk him up now that you're a hotshot film director? I had a chance to see the film and it's really terrific, not to mention weird and fascinating and chilling and funny and totally f'ed up! Lindstrom: I've talked to filmmakers that I've known for a while, people who've made eight or nine features, and when I tell them I just got my first feature done and it's actually coming out in theaters, they just want to hug me. This is two and a half years of my life, to the exclusion of almost everything else, professionally speaking, but that's what is required to keep a film on track, to make sure it's handled with respect and to make sure it gets submitted to all the right festivals. You learn that when you hit the crescendo it's time to move on. TV Guide Magazine: And now you're a filmmaking family!