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"We sing as a protest," she tells me, "because all of our other forms of protest were met with violent repression and threats of job loss, loss of positions at the university and things like that." We pause by a 12-foot high gilded statue of the Greek god, Prometheus.

I am coming to understand that this bizarre public display is actually a manifestation of the deep faultlines that exist between Macedonia's two largest ethnic groups.

So why does Grubi's predominantly Albanian / Muslim party remain in coalition with Gruevski's conservative VMRO-DPMNE party which mostly represents Macedonia's majority Orthodox Christian / Slavic community?

Against a background of increasing tension caused by a controversial inter-community murder case, the government's opponents have also weighed in with allegations that conservative Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has been behind a massive state surveillance and wire-tapping programme, aimed at suppressing dissent and clinging onto power.

So how did this very Balkan crisis begin and where will it lead?

This is not true because Alexander the Great is famous because he enlarged the Hellenic culture.

We are Slavs who are not Hellenic at all." Underlying inter-ethnic tensions My next appointment is to see Femi Zekiri, an ethnic Albanian, whose family was terrorised during the run up to last April's parliamentary and presidential elections, which saw Gruevski win an unprecedented forth term as Prime Minister and his personal choice for president, Gorge Ivanov, returned to office in elections which were heavily criticised by the OSCE. There's no room here for you Albanians.'" Femi's mother shows us a blood-stained t-shirt belonging to one of her grandchildren who had been badly injured during the attack.Whoever wins in the Macedonian political block, whoever wins in the Albanian political block; they have the legitimacy of the two largest communities and they bear responsibility to govern together to try and find a common language." Later I talk to Borian Jovanovski, a TV journalist whose station was closed down by the government as part of a crackdown on independent media.He begs to differ: "Talking about this project Skopje 2014, yes it's damaging to inter-ethnic relations, it's not reflecting the multi-cultural society that Macedonia is.If you talk to any people that have the minimum understanding of public space - what it should be and what it should do for the people - you will hear that many people do not walk past the monuments anymore, they don't walk past this whole area because they really feel insulted, they walk with their heads down and that's my own case, I don't walk around this place anymore." In fact, almost anywhere you turn in this part of the capital there is a new statue, usually pointing a sword or a spear at you and all – so I am told - designed to foster the impression that today's Macedonians are descended from Alexander the Great and other giants of Hellenic civilisation.Naturally I am eager to ask the Prime Minister about these extraordinary creations and the reasoning behind them, but I do not hold out much hope that he will talk to me.Grubi tells me the DUI is the principal political representative of Macedonia's Albanian minority, some 25 percent of the population.