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Communication is key in any couple, but for them, it's going to be more important.

He's still living in a culture where the primary way men show their desire is through physical intimacy, and so some frustrations might arise, and he'll need to be able to communicate about what's going on, and they'll need to be creative to overcome this barrier.

‘They are more esteemed by lewd women because they can give them all the satisfaction without any risk or danger of pregnancy.’ Sexuality doesn't require an erect penis.

Tongue, lips, fingers — there are all kinds of ways for a male to be sexual with a woman.

Women can have orgasms exercising, thinking, or when we sleep.

It is a rare thing, but even if he couldn't still feel orgasm, he could still feel pleasure.

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

So Grey Worm and Missandei had their first kiss on Game of Thrones Sunday night, and for that we cheer, given that there are so few love-based matches in Westeros or Essos.

The two of them will need to discover what is physically pleasurable about being with each other, and there will need to be a real openness around it.

I'm not convinced that they can't find a way to have erotic love.

But he can certainly experience the same level of intimacy without sexual desire.

He would need to learn how to pleasure her in other ways to satisfy her sexual desire.” Dr. Johnson, retired professor of cultural anthropology and an expert on eunuchs:“With 4,000 years of history of eunuchs and hundreds of thousands of them throughout history, we know very little about eunuch sexuality. In various literature, eunuchs have been considered asexual, hypersexual, strictly homosexual, strictly heterosexual, ambisexual ... Chinese and Korean eunuchs often married and then, because they were infertile, they would adopt young eunuchs, so we have generations of eunuch family history, each of them marrying and then adopting, and having relatively successful marriages.

” Vanessa Marin, sex therapist: “I think Grey Worm and Missandei are super cute!