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Maybe you’re pregnant, or worried that you might be pregnant. I felt like I had nowhere to turn…no one who could understand. Need someone to talk to…someone you can be real with? Think you are the only one dealing with something this huge? Finding out I had an unplanned pregnancy turned my whole life upside down.

Women who get what you’re going through, because they’ve lived through it. Learn about Early Pregnancy Symptoms, pregnancy calculator tools.I hope Stand Up can be the pregnancy support network that you so desperately need at this time in your life.My boyfriend and I talked and decided that we would let it sink in before we told them.We decided three days should be enough time to make some plans. Hi my sister had an abortion when she was around 15 or 16 and I have no one I talk to.There is a very sad dearth of positive publications, especially for girls.

It is not hard to find examples of magazines which are designed to make the reader feel inadequate or "uncool" ..particular for girls- so much out there is focused on body image, how to pick up boys and how to be "cool." NMG allows EVERY girl to feel "cool," as it should be! - Mark Green Hi - I just want to let you know that New Moon has been a godsend for my daughter. NMG online was a wonderful safe place where she could connect with nice girls, get positive feedback, chats, etc and express herself without worrying about being 'uncool'.

This year, my 9 year-old was in an awful school situation where she was completely frozen out socially. She has moved to a great new school where kindness and respect are part of the curriculum.

As a mom, I really appreciate NMG and the positive, fun environment you have created for my girls.

She waited for it to come in the mail and she read it cover to cover immediately.

I strongly recommend it to all young girls who want to share with their peers from all over the world to discover different world views unencumbered by insidious and harmful advertising.

Months passed and i started liking him more then a friend.