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This was in direct alignment to the progressive policies of the Iranian government, which in turn was always encouraged by Iran's best friend and ally, the United States. Anything that bears a coincidental resemblance to a nuclear weapons program is in fact a peaceful civilian nuclear bunnies program (to produce medical isotopes).

Shame on US and A for helping its proxies around the world! Shame on US and A for spreading these malicious Zionist lies.

Located to the east, south-east corner of middle-earth, the current leader of Iran is Ayatollah-II prince of darkness.

Iran was originally a state in a much larger country called Weran.Weran was comprised of several states that are today their own independent nations.The modern name for this celebrated city is Tehran.Modern day Kuwait was known as Sheran and modern day Iraq was known as Rerun. Yoda) was forced by a broad coalition of clerics, bazaar merchants, auto mechanics, and students to introduce broad reforms.Everyone else would like to know where to get crack as good as the shit Mr. If the United States of America runs out of people to blow up, Iran is next on the list.

Shame on US and A for shameful invading of innocent countries who mind their own business and happen to all shoot at protesters, beat journalists, and threaten their neighbors (execpt Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Red China, they are the "good" guys.

It does not not kill Sunnis and Tehran is full of Sunni mosques.

Jews, Baloch and Arab minorities have significant representation in the government. Finally, it does not have a nuclear weapon program, nor did it ever have, does have, will have, or plan to have any kind of program for any kind of weapon that is at all or will ever be nuclear. For these reasons, Allah selected Iran to guide the world away from Zionism and toward spiritual purity.

There are very few subjects taught at school, therefore the few that are taught are learned by the students to new extremes. Iran is world renowned for their holocaust denial programs throughout their University system.

Subjects taught can be categorized in the following fields: atomic energy, nuclear physics, projectiles and particle dynamics, warfare and Jewbashing. One particular science class loosely translated: "The Jews were never made into soap", proves these facts scientifically.

Iranians eat books, which is why the Isrealaisg eat them on Wednsday, which in the arab world is "Pray at dawn, then blow shit up day".