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She said, 'this nipple has not been kissed, licked or even touched by a man in over five years.' Being daring, I asked, 'anyplace else that needs attention? 'Long time ago, on a dare.' 'Would you ever eat a girl out? 'I suppose, if the mood was right.' I was intrigued. ' 'Because women are hot.' 'LMAO.' 'What intrigues you? 'Just finishing up at work and thought I'd check to see what you are up to.' 'Just hanging out here.' 'Hanging out? ' 'That's something I could nibble on.' I responded thinking that her clit was the biggest one I'd ever seen. You are going to make me wet here at work.' 'What do you do? It was really nice to sit and talk freely and get caught up on what was going on with each of us.

Throughout January I met girls named: Tiffany2000, 1Jean_e, Joliedoes, Juicy, Creamer-girl, Star-Kisser, and Ruby-Lips on a pretty regular basis. She wore scrubs around the house and while you could tell that she had nice tits, the scrubs made her look fairly plain and didn't reveal her small waist or nice ass. I'm worried about her." I thought about it and knew that my online friend wouldn't be on until later anyway. I'm pretty tight on cash though." "When mom comes home I'll see what she wants to do, but you need to show some enthusiasm for the idea." "Okay. " "It's kind of cold to go out --" I started, but got cut off by Rhonda. Mom unzipped her boots and and left them in the entry way.Of all the girls, Juicy and Ruby-Lips always were the most entertaining. We had a beer together then I rushed up to my room and got online. Once into the chat room, I had a few messages, but I also saw I had an attachment from 1Hot Tigress. I'll come down when she comes home." "Yeah, won't hurt you to get out of your room, either." Rhonda said then disappeared from the doorway. I came down the stairs as she peeled out of her heavy coat. " "Rick and I were talking about taking you out to dinner." "That would be nice." She said and picked up a couple of bags she had brought in. "We were thinking we could go to that Mexican place and get a Margarita." Mom looked from me to Rhonda. She grabbed her bags and hurried off up the stairs.In no time at all I had pictures of their bodies and full lists of the sexual acts they liked. I opened the pic and saw a fuzzy picture of a swollen clit. She was wearing a red, turtleneck sweater and a long gray skirt with black, knee high boots. Rhonda came bounding down the stairs in tight jeans and a form-fitting sweater. " Mom looked at us a bit surprised that we were both greeting her at the door. I stayed downstairs and turned on the television while Rhonda went back upstairs to get ready. We all ate our huge portions and drank down our drinks.Star-Kisser seemed like a tease, but the others were very forthcoming. ' I turned on the web cam and stood up, dropping my jeans to the floor. I'm average length, but I've been told my cock is thicker than normal. There was a note that followed stating that she hadn't picked up a web cam, yet, but was going to send pics from her cell phone until she got one. I had a couple of beers, but mom and Rhonda drank margaritas.Dad was very serious and business minded while mom was much more joking and fun. Kiss it.' 'More details.' There was no response and I was sure I had lost her, then she typed. Just be honest.' 'Okay.' Another long pause while my cock stayed pointing at the camera with a drip of pre-cum on the tip. I want to feel your cum on my lips.' 'Keep talking.' I went back to stroking my cock after I laid a towel on the keyboard.

Everyone thought they were an odd couple, but at the same time everyone used the old addage that "opposites attract". Finally she typed, 'I'd kiss you very hard and let my hands trace over your body. I'm not very good at swallowing.' 'You didn't answer my question.' 'Yes.' She replied immediately. 'I'd stroke your cock with one hand and finger myself with the other. It looks yummy.' We chatted for a little bit more then we both signed off. Hope to get the webcam on way home.' We signed off and I went downstairs to grab another beer to help keep me calm. Even though I had no real idea of what she looked like she sounded hot and she was very interested in having more fun online.My sister, Rhonda was studying to be a nurse as well as working, so having an extra hand at home would help my mother a lot, who also was now back in the work force. Mom usually went off to bed about and I would go to my room about ten. Then when I got to my knees, I'd look up at you an lick the head of your beautiful cock. The cum continued until my knees felt as though they would buckle. With blonde hair and green eyes, Rhonda was very pretty. After her shower Rhonda appeared in the doorway of my bedroom with a towel around her head and another one around her torso. " "Just some studying." My mind went straight to the idea of chatting with 1Hot Tigress online. She's been kind of down." "It's twenty degress outside." "Maybe we can have a pizza delivered and watch a movie or something.Now that we had DSL and I had a laptop, I could surf, chat and actually have fun with my chat partners in the privacy of my own room. 'We could turn the cams on and watch each other masturbate.' There was a long, long pause and I thought I had lost her. I'd take it gently in my hands and begin stroking it, and I'd continue licking the head.' I was stroking my cock and couldn't type. When she smiled she was literally beautiful, but she seldom smiled. Not much fat.' 'Making me wet again.' 'Want me to please you now? Mom's just been working and coming home and going into her room. It was decided we would go out for Mexican and that we would leave before six.So, even if I did meet someone, I'd never really be able to enjoy myself to the "fullest" extent.My first year of college my mother got a new PC for her and dad and I got to use the old one at college.Mom commented that she had had enough to drink to assure she was relaxed. She rubbed her shoulders and stroked her hair and kept telling her how much she appreciated her and how beautiful she was.