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officials said, the Chatman case is about abuse of trust or power.

South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley landed in an elite club Monday morning, when a conservative blogger claimed the two had had an affair in 2007.

But it appears Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is giving it a try.

The divorce process under the Lisbon Treaty sets out a two-year timeframe for nations to sever ties with the crumbling bloc.Former Tory frontbencher Theresa Villiers said there will be "some difficult trade-offs" for Britain's financial services although they can remain the "biggest and best". This week, a lesbian college basketball coach who controls the athletic fates of her LSU players has been discovered to be sexually exploiting them ... And other sources suggest that "the former players" weren't so former when the relationships began.and the NYT is now concerned that this might hurt the career prospects of other lesbian coaches. By JERÉ LONGMANCaption: Some coaches, administrators and academics say they fear that the accusations against Chatman, right, will inflame homophobia. LSU refuses to state that the relationships didn't begin with current players, so it's reasonable to assume the worst.Our panelists examine how much character matters in sports. He had heard about the difficulty of getting into the University of Florida — the "top one percent academics," he recalled Wednesday.

So he paired that thought with another one, what he called the "top one percent of people," and the result was this concoction for boosters — "the top one percent of one percent." The phrasing was self-explanatory, that he'd recruit intelligent, high-character players.

(CBS • The backlash against "Johnny Football" Athletes often have a harder time pulling off the antihero.

The line isn't nearly as blurred as it is in a more fictitious setting.

Some Elena Delle Donne facts that you probably already know: she was recently voted Most Valuable Player of the Women’s National Basketball Association and is set to lead the U. Additionally, there are a few little known facts--this phenomenal basketball player (with a net worth of 0,000) has Lyme disease, which causes extreme muscle fatigue and stiffness, is engaged to a woman, and loves to make furniture in her spare time. When she's not on the court, her spare time is spent making coffee and dining room tables.

So now it's time for some Elena Delle Donne trivia facts that you might not know but you should, such as where she went to college (she actually dropped out of the University of Connecticut even though she had received a full basketball scholarship) and the fact that she's mastered the free throw. women’s Olympic basketball team to its sixth Olympic win, you'd better brush up on our list of Elena Delle Donne Facts You Should Know.

Ms Villiers said Brexit was an opportunity to cut legislation and red tape regarding agriculture and fisheries, but warned protecting the financial centre of the City would pose one of the biggest challenges.