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As Maija and I were walking along, she heard a rustling in the leaves. It was a purple tarantula, bigger than my entire hand.

After the horse fights and parade in the streets, there is some music from the local children in the band and lots of food.

On the first night, it is the custom that the White team wins and is served dinner by the black team. ” The town is excited for this because as the legend goes if the Black Team wins there will be a good harvest for the next year, and the sea will offer up more fish.

You want a bonfire; gather some wood and the people will come with guitars, drums, and plenty of cana manabita.

You want to meet a bunch of travelers and have 2-4-1 cocteles and listen to rock, reggae, and if you’re lucky the Dead, then Surf Shak is the place.

It was a lot of fun, especially since we had our friends here Dave (Camel Jock) and Kate here to experience this with us and see how Canoa really comes together as a town…especially to party! Recently I’ve started contributing to the English newspaper here in Ecuador, The Ecuador Reporter.

I wrote an article for the July addition about Canoa. Canoa Article Ecuador Reporter that has ever had the privilege of taking a night hike in the jungle knows just how exhilarating and creepy it can be.This was definitely the highlight of the evening, and I highly recommend visiting this special place.Stop by the Surf Shak to book your trip to the Bosque Seco Lalo Loor.He worked with us bar tending at the Shak, pouring great drinks and playing the The Grateful Dead, a lot.At the Surf Shak we are internationally recognized with training some of the most talented people on the planet.Basically, this is a two day festival in which half of the town dresses in all white to represent the saint Paul, which in spanish is San Pablo and rest of the town dresses in black to represent saint Peter or in spanish, San Pedro.