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Sorry for such a vague description, I'd love to watch it again but no idea what it was called. I have seen this on German TV in the end 70's or early 80's . I remember one scene where you see all of these sort of big grasshopper things all hopping along on their hind legs... ) - One of the women is a hypnotherapist and uses one of her male patients to make voice recordings which they playback to security guards during the robbery, to make them think its a group of men.

Story is about a woman having an car accident in bad weather where she dies – the story continues with her being in a twilight reality where she lives on. I believed this movie was directed by the french film maker Claude Cabrol. They have some kind of setup with speakers in their scuba masks (which they never take off during the robbery) - They put the money in garbage bags, and at the end the bags are mistakenly taken to the garbage dump.

I think the movie ends with the women searching through the garbage dump and finding the money.Does anyone know what this movie might have been called?Need help identifying a movie that you just can't remember the name of? As always, Google first, but if you have no luck searching on your own, some of the WP movie buffs may be able to help out.Don't know if anyone can help here, but I was up late one night earlier this week in Townsville (not sure which night actually) and was watching this cheesy old B movie about a dentist who fakes his own death and takes his dead twin's discover that his brother was a horribly corrupt ex-CIA agent I know what you're thinking..."Sounds Super! "Adapted from an Appalachian Jack Tale set in the late 1940s, this tale follows a World War II veteran named Jack who, in return for an act of kindness, receives two magical gifts: a sack that can catch anything and a jar that can show whether a sick person will recover or die. :) I think it might have been in England and they were digging a tunnel and found a "Space ship" buried there.HOWEVER i raised this issue with some drinking buddies early this month..someone somehow in a drunken state remembered it... But I might have to find that movie and have a watch :-) I would think I was about 10 at the time, so say 1973... I used to sneak out after mum and dad had gone to bed and watch these on the old TV sitting about 2 feet from the screen with the sound down low...

so from the 80s --- Emanon (1987)..NONAME if reversed..! The main plot of the story is that terrorists hijack a plane. So if it was on TV it might have been made in the late 60's... LOL Also loved "Night stalker" with Darren Mcgavin What's the name of this Indian drama movie?

Edit: Finally found it – Touch and Go – Trying to find the name of a movie from a few years back...

The story is told by one of two brothers, in front of a handycam with flashbacks of how they were involved and what happened leading up to the present moment.

The robber knows the police procedures and thats all i can remeber. Good thing I saved the original post though~ =========My friend only gave me a vague description of the plot and a scene from the movie.

I thought it might be the negotiator with samuel l jackson, but its not. Okay, I just noticed this thread after posting this thread. In the movie, there's a high status couple set in (feudal? The guy has some chick penpal, and eventually falls in love with her.

This is what I can remember from the plot:- Two brothers mother suffers from severe Alzheimer's disease.- Brothers invent a drug that either increases peoples overall happiness or reduces aggression (cannot recall which).- Drug is spread through rain clouds, added to water supplies.- People begin to start suffering of dementia and Alzheimer's all over the world, cause is found to be this "magical" drug.- Towards the end of the movie, one of the brothers asks the other to kill him with a fatal dose of their drug.