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Pay close attention to her interests and background: as an Asian woman, pretty Chinese girls will still be far more culture-centric than western women and she will be flattered in your interest in her life and background.Show genuine interest in her interests, whether these be her family, her studies and, ideally, in her culture and heritage Gain her confidence: despite being a pretty Chinese girl your new girlfriend will probably have led a relatively sheltered life and your outward signs of only wanting her for her physical appearance are going to lead you nowhere.

or the way she smiles with her eyes: whatever it is… Finding and getting to know a sexy Chinese girl can be a challenge for any man, never mind a foreign man.For some men it’s bad enough trying to find a woman in their own city or country so it’s worthwhile to do some research and make a careful, workable plan if you are intent on finding a Chinese girl to be your partner.However, don’t get too hung up on having a rigid plan as, sometimes, the best laid plans don’t work and, quite unexpectedly, you meet an available, attractive, beautiful Chinese girl in the lift or in the park.In any event, always remember that, just because a Chinese girl is beautiful, she will, probably, still be intelligent and have aspiration and plans of her own.Being handsome or good looking, of course, also counts but always being neat and tidy and dressing well works too!

With your beautiful Chinese girl on the way to being your partner for life, how do you best behave?

in China, in the US and in most overseas cities where there is an established Chinese population.

Yet, the big question is: what makes a Chinese girl so attractive?

Features: similarly, beautiful Chinese girl usually have finely boned features such as high cheekbones, sensuous lips and thin, straight noses—all perfectly arranged.

Fine, smooth skin, topped off by the crowning glory of long, jet black tresses, apparently floating in the breeze…

Of course, she’ll be dressed in the latest fashions and accessories but it’s not just that, as many beautiful Chinese girls seem to have that innate sense of style, that ability to look good in a wide variety of outfits.