Choose respect dating violence

But then, something happens and Prince Charming, who was once the most charming of all the princes, isn’t acting very charming anymore.Whispered sweet nothings become harsh insults and demands of sex, attention, and submission.The old fairy of Life Events who, if she can’t kill you, is doing everything she can to choke out your future. He trades your rags for a new dress, picks up your fallen tiara, and shines your glass slippers.

There were Cinderellas, who were abused and neglected, holding out for their invitation to the royal ball.

Then, there were Sleeping Beauties, born into royalty, but eventually life happened, putting their dreams on hold.

contains a DVD of two video programs and materials CD, with a Choose Respect discussion guide, Power Point slides, and appendices.

These activities will motivate participants to come up with ways to promote healthy and respectful relationships in their community. This program features true stories of youth, parents, and professionals who have been in, or witnessed, abusive relationships.

You might have been a victim yourself, or maybe you’re caring for someone in your home that is.

It is important to recognize the facts and symptoms of dating violence and know how to intervene when you suspect someone is a victim.Choose Respect is designed to help students form healthy relationships and prevent dating abuse before it starts.Healthy Futures implements Choose Respect over two class sessions.they could get slapped, get arrested, or suspended). Choose Respect, the Healthy Futures dating violence prevention program, uses content from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Choose Respect initiative.Looking back, many teenage girls would admit to dancing in their mom’s high-heeled shoes as young girls, wearing sheets as robes, and practicing to curtsey in front of the mirror.