Chris drama pfaff dating anyone who is vanessa paradis dating now

Note: This was billed as a special bonus episode not part of the main season.

Rob teams up with professional drifter, Vaughn Gittin Jr., to create the world's very first Skateboarding Car.

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The couple first got engaged back in April at the Disneyland Resort when they were attending the Aladdin Show.

Rob told his then-girlfriend that he was going to the restroom when he was really planning a surprise that included riding an elephant onto the stage where he would ask the million dollar question. Congratulations to the couple on their exciting new chapter.

Rob also helps Chanel take her career to the next level by landing her a spread in Maxim magazine.

Rob and Drama recap some of the sketchiest and scariest moments of all three seasons of Fantasy Factory.

Rob also signs a deal with 7-11 to build another Safe Spot Skate Spot in a park in North Hollywood.

As part of the deal, 7-11 agrees to let Rob convert a local 7-11 into a Dyrdek themed store.

Rob also reluctantly takes on the role of mini-pig sitter for the week.

To help Big Cat with his awkwardness, Rob brings in a specialist and organizes an Awkward Intervention with everyone at the Fantasy Factory.

Rob and Drama look back on some of their favorite scenes from Season 3, share some bonus scenes that didn't make it into the episodes, and take a look at some behind-the-scenes moments with the Fantasy Factory crew.

Filled with never-before-seen footage, this is a peek inside exactly what happens inside the Fantasy Factory.

"Words could never describe how blessed and honored I am to call you my wife.