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Verdict: this model takes a lot of the pressure off the first date, and it is much safer than meeting a stranger one on one.

That said, the process is a bit involved: we signed up and were told to wait for two weeks while they found a match. All in all, it has a lot more moving parts than just swiping and hooking up, but the pay-off - when it finally happens - promises to be much more rewarding.

If Grouvly is the Asian answer to Grouply, then Paktor is the Asian answer to Tinder.

"I feel like most people on Paktor are missing the point of a dating app.In the end I didn't go on one date because no one was suitable." If you are looking for a more curated dating experience, Tastebuds might be for you.Instead of matching people one by one, it puts two groups of three in touch for a group date.It asks for more personal information (job, height, race, religion) than other apps such as Tinder.TL; DR: If you’re a woman looking to try dating online but are unsure of the process, then Coffee Meets Bagel is the dating network for you.

With a model that puts privacy and safety before anything else, CMB will always have your back.

Still, as with all tech trends, the mechanisms of online romance are constantly changing: meeting a lover on OKCupid seems as outdated today as making a friend on My Space. With some help from our serial-dating friends, we check out the latest generation of dating apps and see what all the fuss is about.

Grouvly is the Hong Kong-based version of a dating app model that, with apps like Grouply, has proved extremely popular in the West.

Just like many single women out there, they kept asking themselves, “Where are all the good ones? We now live in a society where people basically work 24/7 and sleep with their i Phones.

” They’re all pretty, intelligent, funny and nice, and New York City is full of millions of people and millions of opportunities to make a connection. How are you supposed to meet someone and have a successful career at the same time? “It’s for single people who are very busy with work or whatever it is and they don’t have a lot of time to go to bars to meet people,” Dawoon Kang said.

Online dating can be an intimidating pool to jump into, especially for women. ” If this is you, then Coffee Meets Bagel is the perfect site to dip your toe into the dating water.