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(80% of problems come from here) CHECK THE FILE PATH before installing!!!

Co H and OF (after the latest patches) actually run the same main game executable code.

The problem you're having is related to the game being unable to make sure you have a valid DVD.

Trebat ce ti i torrent klijent, posto se skidaju preko torrenta, ali idu stvarno brzo, mislim da relicov server seeda ili tako nesto ja sam nju sad ponovo instaliro,ali kad udjem u igricu vise ne bude crna kao prije nego mi dolaze oni publisheri pa onda dodje loading i ja pricekam a onda od mene trazi "Please insert your Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor disc", a onda ja pritisnem "Continue", pa mi onda pise "Could not verify media". Evo ako nekome treba CD Keyeva za COH-e: COH Tales of Valor CD Key:3333-4444-1111-2222-ce13, COH Opposing Fronts CD Key:cafe-babe-abad-babe-132c ili 29c5-eb96-5623-8565-28d0, Company of Heroes CD Key:3438-fdf3-fd15-7fa6-94b7.

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but after one hour the was in a state of overheat and it shutdown. If, after running through each of the above steps, you are still having the problem, then post your issue in the appropriate section, along with your full system specs (see the link below for info on posting system specs) and a list of the games which have the problem, and indicate that you have run through these steps.

Someone will take a look at your thread as soon as possible.You could try validating it in the second DVD drive.I Installed company of heroes on my laptop and when i run the game it does start and i get an error window telling me that "Failed to find a supported hardware rendering device.Then the yahoo google and bing redirect virus was intensely messing with my... Pulled out two 1GB sticks of old dell memory yesterday when it was stuck in a...Ok, I read the instructions and am reposting with the requested information. I've been told to run dxdiag, but when I do it says Error: Could not load I've also downloaded Direct X End-User Runtime Web Installer.To znači da u ovom paketu dobivate sljedeće:-Company of Heroes-Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts-Company of Heroes Tales of Valor Vrlo zgodna ponuda!!!