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A flurry of publicity and public and private investment followed, including construction of a grand county courthouse, planning and first construction of a new street railway, construction of a new flour mill along the river between Monroe and Jackson Avenues, and construction of the Hotel Corvallis, today known as the Julian Hotel.

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Remember, these are individuals who may have no other means of finding partners.Forced online, even those in favor of long-term relationship may change their minds after more traditional routes become inaccessible or uncomfortable.It can be hard, especially for America’s more liberal demographic, to reconcile such statistics with their personal world views.And yet these numbers represent life for many LGBT not living in tolerant hot spots like New York City or San Francisco.Whatever the reason, I remember how worried I was in that moment, worried about what might happen if any onlookers weren’t accepting of our relationship.

These kinds of anxieties are amplified in countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

Conditioned to socialize online as young adults, these 18 to 34 year olds are now taking the same approach to finding partners.

In 2013, The New York Times decried the so-called “end of courtship” brought on by social media, blaming younger Americans for a distinct decrease in people “picking up the telephone and asking someone on a date,” an act that in the past “required courage, strategic planning, and a considerable investment of ego.” While dating apps may be changing the way potential lovers communicate, the Times’s piece overlooked a huge community that has in many ways benefited from the rise of digital dating—the LGBT community.

But I wasn’t able to enjoy the moment with the man I loved.

Maybe it was because of my years of working as an advocate within the LGBT community, or maybe it was because I once returned to my car to find “faggot” written across it.

As a man who dates men, these types of statistics are more than just numbers—they represent my reality.