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Traditions are strongly influenced by the fact that the Cuban population is a mix of different etnic origins.

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During this event, while the music plays, the bride and groom dance together. This money is considered a gift for the couple as they start their married life.

Another of the wedding traditions comes in the form of gifts.

It is not uncommon for a wedding dress on the island to have a more beach style appearance, made from linen or cotton and in a more flowing or understated style. These shirts, a tradition of many Latin American countries, include light linen fabrics, button down designs, and lines of tiny pleats that run vertically between the front pockets.

This style of wedding dress is usually favored by women from other countries who choose to wed on the beaches on the island. In the Cuban traditions, the Guayabera is called the Mexican wedding shirt.

Often, music, dancing, and plenty of excitement come along with this procession.

In fact, it has been noted that, in Cuba, just attending a wedding costs quite a bit of money!

After the wedding, the festivities generally kick into high gear.

Often, the reception or party will last for hours as guests enjoy upbeat music, extravagant meals, and a great deal of dancing.

The long time occupation the island by the Spanish colonizers, the massive import of African slaves, influences from the nearby United States made from the country a melting pot of races, cultures and traditions.

Cuba was longtime an Atheist country but in 1997 Christmas was restored as traditional holiday, during the visit of Pope John Paul II.

Just like many other celebrations on the island, weddings are turned into a festivity.