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W: Ignoring Provides line with Dep Compare Op for package wifi W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems It's been hanging there for about ten minutes now and during the process Winscp lost connection once but reestablished it.If I try apt-get update once again, I get the same result Reading package lists and it hangs there and nothing happens.

Reinstallation or updating of the Cydia app can be done manually and without the need to re-jailbreak a device.To proceed with the update, you must first download the new package of Cydia onto your i Phone via Safari Download Manager: This document, titled "How To Update or Reinstall Cydia," is available under the Creative Commons license.If you get a “cannot find” error message, then Ultra Sn0w is probably down.Keep in mind, depending on the status of the repo, you may or may not be able to add it right away.Cydia is a mobile application for i OS that enables you to find and install software packages on jailbroken i Phones, i Pads, and i Pods.

Since its original release, the software has come out with two updates that address some issues with bugs and delays.As mentioned above, Cydia's 1.0.336-1 update addresses a variety of concerns regarding application bugs and slow loading times.Specific updates include remapping optimization, more stable Web Views, faster scrolling, autocorrect packages, a more efficient menu refresh, shorter loading times, and user badge updates.Yeah, so no big deal, but it’s still a huge annoyance, because this interrupts the stream of refreshing the list of Cydia packages.The fact is that you’ll probably never need to use Ultra Sn0w, and even if you did, you can always add the repo back to Cydia manually.Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it causes an error message to appear in Cydia each time you refresh your list of packages and it attempts to pull data from the non-existent Ultra Sn0w repo.