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She is in a big hurry so try to collect all the missing items,...

Play our special Halloween Game, check out all the spooky props we?

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Young Romeo always has his eyes on young Juliet because she's always fashionable.

Help Juliet picking her outfits every day to create a perfect look that will make Romeo fall for her more. Find the hidden objects and have fun while you're looking for some amazing stage clothes to dress up the pop star.

The Faerie Queen of Fire is in need of a style makeover! She'd love to try on new clothes, inspired by the colors of nature and you can even magically change her wings to match th... The stylish girl needs you to choose her Outfit of the Day!

At first she won't have a lot of clothes, but don't be alarmed! Our kitty-girl Mia is getting ready for a lovely day out.

Princess has decided that it is time to change her outlook!

She wants to visit a shop and buy many new and trendy prepared at your disposal and then feel free to put your decorator skills to a major test and give your house the haunted treat... Cleopatra is giving you an amazing chance to cut, trim and dye her beautiful black hair.She lives in a wealthy golden world so, let your imagination explores and create a perfect look f...She is going to be a mommy soon and she is really stressed out so a bath will help her relax. Princesses Anna and Elsa have argued about what fashion trend is the most popular this year, denim clothes or feather dresses.Let's find out, who the most fashionable princess is! Each one of these adorable kitties is having a really bad day. Make sure each cat gets to the right room in this animal clinic and receives the co...Halloween is a very cool thing, you can dress up as a monster, vampire, mummy, princess, basical... Dress up this clique of chic chicks and paint the town up and down!