Dating a forgetful guy

(Like, every score of the World Series for the past 47 years, even when he's only lived through 26 of them, but not, say, the birthday of you, his only girlfriend.

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In even less encouraging news, men proved to be just as forgetful whether they were 30 or 60.

The research is interesting, but it's important to note that the study didn't directly test memory itself but analyzed people's questions about memory. So, Just How Many Anniversaries Is One Couple Allowed to Have?

So, men reported having poorer memories, but it's based on their own self-reporting. A Super-Cute Anniversary Tradition to Copy From Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi.

Ahem, so maybe they only claim to remember the things they want to remember? Do You Celebrate the Anniversary of Your First Date?

I instinctively knew early on that we couldn't get too close. We can't go to the cinema as he can't bear loud noise. He's also over sensitive to bright lights and certain foods and textures. That's the reason why I have decided not to meet him till things are settled, though I really wish I could be with him & know everything about him. This was deliberate and a source of amusement to him.

Forgets I'm there on a date when something or someone else distracts him. However I have no idea when things will be settled and I don't wish to give him added pressure as he just started on a new job. But then everything is funny when emotions are removed. Hello Emma, The other members have given some great advice.I spent the first few months of dating denying to myself that there was a difference. Has a job he loves, driving a bus, and tries to interact verbally with his passengers. I have read up a lot on Dyspraxia lately but apart from the usual symptoms of organising, motor skills etc, I still don't get a good grasp of what to expect dating a Dyspraxia guy. Just don't follow his directions and don't stress if he phones you when you are meeting up to say he is lost/running very late. Oh, and if he is anything like me, don't be surprised if/when you see him naked (I don't know what you mean by "The next level") that he has loads of little bruises. Apparently, he is still in a marriage with a daughter.His honesty can seem insulting sometimes, and hilarious too, but he'd never hurt anyone deliberately. I generally have several on my arms and legs at any one time from bumping in to things. For 3 yrs I've been dating a man, whom I love, but he says he can't feel the same. He likes kisses and cuddles...can't tolerate any other level of intimacy..either emotional or physical. I told him I wouldn't mind dating a divorced man with a daughter but there need to be a clean break from his current relationship. He did lie by omission a lot or at least didn't seem to be able to explain about other frienships he has.Of course though, Person X can easily be replaced whilst the dream will remain the same.Note that the above applies for no text replies over a more than 48 hour period.And have you heard the story about the girl who navigated the whole start-of-a-relationship phase without consulting anyone? OK, to be fair there are some girls who are unfazed by the games guys play when it comes to our hearts, but more often than not it's a confusing time that leaves girls with more questions than answers. After a day, if you text again and get no reply, then you did in fact get your reply.