Dating a muscle woman

Instead, sexual body language literally makes a woman feel turned on and excited to be interacting with you. When it is presented with a piece of information to process, the brain will process it, regardless of what the information is.In her mind, she can’t help but think of having sex with you, just as right now, you can’t help but think of a bright, yellow elephant. When you begin using sexual body language with her and she automatically begins feeling turned on, she won’t be able to stop her brain from thinking about having sex with you.

You know this is true because you always see short, bald, fat, poor or weird looking guys with beautiful women.If success with women was based on a man’s outer qualities, most of us guys (me included) wouldn’t be able to get ourselves a hot woman.By their very nature, alpha males are comfortable to flirt with women right away, because they know that most women automatically feel attraction for their confidence and alpha male behavior and thinking.On the other hand, lower ranking males like to play it safe and try their best not to offend women, which (in their naive opinion) means avoiding any kind of sexual innuendo or suggestiveness.With online dating, though, you can meet people from the comfort of your home.

After you set up an account and build your profile (including pictures of yourself and a description of who you are and what you’re looking for in a match), you gain access to thousands of other people via their profiles.

As a man, you should be thankful that most women will choose to be with you based on your inner qualities.

However, if you believe the BS that you see in the media everyday, you may come to believe that women choose men based on looks, muscles, money and penis size.

Yes, some women choose men based on outer qualities, but the vast majority of women do not.

Author: Nicole Mc Pherson; Illustrations: Mark Collins Under the dim lighting at one of your favorite restaurants, you gaze at the woman across the table from you and can’t help but mentally pat yourself on the back for landing such a perfect date. Whether you’ve tried it in the past to no avail or have adamantly boycotted the idea, it’s time to open your mind to online dating.

Imagine never having to explain to a date again why you religiously travel with a cooler stocked full of containers of food, why you wake up at ungodly hours for morning cardio or why you train to the point that it hurts.