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Abeg please modify this story of urs before u carry am go 51 iweka road onitsha, or since u said u dey Lag, re-read am well and make corrections before heading for idumota, okay?

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I pleaded to her that we must put this to an end but she rufused that we must keep on dating and we will make it secret, but i cant date two of them. You could give it to Nolly wood though, maybe someone could Behind it up and come out with something better. Abi, how can i be dating a girl for as long as you are claiming to have dated her, her twin sister comes to ur place, and still u didn't know it was the twin sister? no matter what, even if my sister was a dozentuplet, i will still pick her out among all her others.

She never alow me to rest forcing me to tell her that i love her, distubing me on phone everyday. And i have been dating her sister for long bacause we all were in Enugu before i got admission in lagos, finished my education and was lucky to get i nice job in lagos u to hv bn dating her b4 u gat admission,after u finished skul and u re now workin, dahs a very long tyme for u not to kno someone wel whether identical twins or not, i really dont believe ur tale but if its really tru,then which kain twin sister b dat wey dey thief im sister bf?? Abeg pls modify this story of urs before u carry am go 51 iweka road onitsha, or since u said u dey Lag, re-read am well and make corrections before heading for idumota, okay?

I like his brother very much, but I am not attracted to him at all, never have been in 12 years.

Attraction is a strange thing, not all about the way someone looks.

Odibia thanks a lot what i believe is that they can be setting me up.

i have to call it a quit, this twins look so identical that you can be calling another one name in place of the former. Every twins has different personalities, habits, and characteristics easily to detect the differences unless if twins set up to fool/take advantage of you in the name of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Being attracted to my husband's twin sounds so weird to me - it would be like being attracted to my own brother.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. One was my best friend, the other one my boyfriend :o D I didn't have the fantasies back them. It was one delicious experience :o) *sigh*I don't think I ever recovered fully from that :o) Mind you, I'm monogamous, and it would feel just wrong for me to go from one twin to another.

I once had a date with this girl unaware tht she had a identical twin sister.i went to pick her up.her sister on the door n shared a passionate kiss...ofcourse ended up goin with the sister i kissed later...anyone with similar experiences?? The first one I was dating a man & he told me he was leaving for a week . That night I came home & there he stood in my kitchen . The second time I dated identical twins, I found myself locked in a car. Somehow a set of handcuffs showed up, and the both of them flirted with me so much on the ride that I almost fainted... If i was in their shoes, it would be quite awkward, so I wouldn't do that to someone else.

because i since u had said earlier that both of them spoke differently and you could identify each of them that way, i see no reason why you couldnt "identify" ur babe from her twin sister.