Dating game 1970 episodes

Felix, disturbed to learn that writers for the magazines he sells his photos to write unflattering captions, decides to learn creative writing to write his own copy.

Murray the Cop gives Oscar the use of a friend's isolated cabin in the woods to try to help Oscar, who hasn't been able to write a single page.

Felix tags along and accidentally helps Oscar solve the problem.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #58 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episode.

When Nancy can’t go on their Caribbean vacation, a lonely Oscar convinces Felix to come with him.

But once they're there, Nancy calls to announce that she's on her way down, making Felix a third wheel. Now that Oscar has saved Felix's life, Felix is killing him with kindness.

So, Oscar decides to turn the tables on his roommate and even the score.They get along well, with Oscar's sloppy habits even charming her.Oscar is so smitten he's considering proposing to her.Oscar has never told his mother that he's divorced from Blanche, because she is against divorce.When she plans a visit to Oscar, he is forced to coerce Blanche, Felix and Felix's ex-wife Gloria to all pretend they are still married to appease his mom.Felix and Oscar's constant fighting is driving their friends away from them.