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And so Mariam is part of a rich tradition of bearded ladies, of which she is rightfully proud.It’s been a while since Julia Roberts sparked outrage and (rather hilariously) concern by appearing at a film premiere with unshaven armpits, but the current porn-industry led culture for baby-smooth women has possibly peaked.

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Then there was Lady Olga, who lived around the turn of the 20th century, and also travelled with a circus.

Her chin appendage was 13 inches long, and she married four times.

I suppose my preference would be no hair but if there is, then anything well-groomed is fine. Any strays can be really off-putting, but equally I appreciate that keeping the area well kempt sometimes leads to fairly aggressive rashes, which is also off-putting.

If they're rocking facial hair, that's not a good thing because I'll probably feel emasculated (it took me a month to grow a beard! Leg hair and armpit hair (provided it's not massively long or noticeable after a couple of days and it's just light stubble), I'm really not too bothered by and actually find it considerably worse when a girl makes an issue of it.'4.

I prefer a bit of hair because otherwise it’s too childlike.

Ultimately though, I don’t really care that much - if a woman’s hot, I’ll get down and dirty whatever’s going on down there! 'I don't like girls with moustaches (just like they don't like mine!

Indeed there were reports only last week that men’s tastes are evolving (or regressing, depending on how far back you can remember) and the preferred bikini area look is now decidedly ‘natural’, with many describing the absence of any hair as ‘creepy’.

However, it’s unlikely that the full bearded look will catch on anytime soon – women will keep plucking, electrolysing, waxing and shaving so as to appear acceptable to the consensus view.

But it’s nice to be reminded every so often that there is another way.

The Victorian freak show has now passed into history as a bastion of bad taste, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily have to throw the beard out with the bath water.

Beards for women have, historically, mostly been consigned to the world of entertainment – a freak show attraction to amuse and delight – and indeed, Mariam does travel with a circus, something she says she enjoys as it gives her a chance to educate the public about hairy women. Her beard measured six inches, and she even shaped it in imitation of Napolean III, from whom she later received a diamond by way of thanks, so she certainly was not an abused, marginalised figure.