Dating insecure woman dating too nice guy

(E.g., Halle Berry.) Ladies, your exterior beauty will not last forever.

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If a woman does not feel good about herself, and doesn't know her self-worth, dating decisions will be hell on wheels. Get to the roots of all the decisions you make, which aren't in your best interest.

Learn to cut down those unconscious trees, which lead to making shallow decisions.

His response will be, “I am sitting here without a shirt because its hot.

It’s 100 degrees inside and 102 degrees outside.” He will think this is a dumb question and will become irritated quite quickly if you persist.

Men love women who are secure and loathe women who are not.

We know females do crazy things when they love hard. Fear will make you act crazy, so be sure to check yourself and please do not act based off your emotions.If, on the other hand, her father abandons her, neglects her needs, mistreats her, abuses her, doesn't teach her anything about men, etc, well he's also teaching her how to be treated by men.In psychology, we call all behavior "learned behavior".This doesn't mean that if your relationship with your father was horrible that you won't be able to sustain a healthy relationship. Many men have a habit of bragging about other women to the women who look nothing like the women they brag and parade about.It just means you will have to work harder at it, and you will have to dissect the unconscious messages you received from your experiences, in order to change how you think about romance. I have witnessed and observed men express their preference for a woman's skin color, hair color, hair texture, body shape, race, big butt, thighs, breast etc, in front of women who look nothing like that.If you have this problem, all your questions lead to an eventual interrogation.