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The lawyer has lunch with Jerry, where he continues his morose facade.

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George, realizing that his scheme has backfired, vehemently denies that he is that way, insisting that he is actually very funny. " At Jerry's apartment, Elaine sees Ping and thanks him for dropping the case.

When she disagrees, citing his demeanor, George unwittingly admits that it was all an act to keep Jerry from stealing her away from him. He sneers and tells her that the case is back on and the damages will be doubled because they have all made his cousin (the lawyer) really mad because of the scheme that the gang took part in to mislead her.

They’ll do much more for their boo,” doesn’t seem too realistic. ” (If the lawyer isn’t so tired..,) “You’ll always learn new things, and there’s never gonna be a dull moment for you!

” (Again, tired) “They’ll give you the biggest deal ever, cos you’ll never have to pay for legal services!!!

But now it seems that Babu is being hauled off by the INS.

He sees Jerry and pleads with him to help, which Jerry promises to do.She tells them she will try to get him to drop the case and goes to make a phone call.While she is away, a distraught George extracts a promise from Jerry that he will try very hard not to be funny around her, though Jerry protests that this will be very difficult.Cosmo reason 2: “They always look good.” While this reason may be superficial, lawyers do dress up more than most other professions, with clothing that is more conservative than trendy. A nice suit can elevate anyone, and a nice suit on an already attractive person means mega hot status.Just look at legal superstars like Amal Clooney or Chief Justice John G. However, Cosmo’s reasoning got a little absurd when they added, “There’s no need to be scared they’ll dress inappropriately when you want to introduce them to friends,” as if that’s a common problem… This point works for Big Law attorneys pulling in six figures annually, but Cosmo didn’t seem to take into account the thousands of other attorneys saddled with massive student loan debt.” (This one could be true, but why do to that to your boo?!