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I was meeting cute guys I had crossed paths with in real life.

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Chances are, the guys you’re dating are dating other girls, as well. If you’re seeing multiple people, you’ll be less likely to put up with a guy who’s canceling on you, a guy who is treating you poorly, or a guy who is anything less than you deserve.If you get too invested in one guy, you’ll be devastated if he chooses someone else. If he won’t give you the attention you’re looking for, one of the others will. How can you know what you’re looking for if you’ve never experienced it?Have you ever noticed that as soon as a guy realizes how busy you are, he’ll start planning dates in advance instead of asking you out as a last resort the day of?Most guys want a girl who has hobbies and is busy doing other things. Once he knows there are other men vying for your attention, his lame date ideas aren’t going to cut it.Suzanne Kammer Suzanne is a twenty something living in Toronto, Canada.

When she doesn't have her professional pants on from 9-5, she is getting lost in a good book, a yoga class, or a tall glass of wine.Many of us end up alone during our prime because the deceptive perception of something better being around the corner can cause us to never just choose someone and stop looking. It’s likely we will take for granted an amazing catch – someone special who we meet and discard.No matter how great any one option seems, you can’t seem to stop looking because one particular option may not be as great as another option out there, right? Thinking that you have a ton of amazing options to choose from makes it difficult to choose, so you choose no one – and that’s getting you nowhere.You may call up Joe when you want to grab a drink but invite Brent over when you want to stay in and watch a movie.This has become a reality of dating in the 21It’s the perfect in-between after a long term relationship.You won’t feel bad when you go on a trip with your girls for two weeks or when you sign up for a course that takes up your weekends.